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Thoughts, or lack thereof

Last night was strange. We didn't watch Hellboy, but instead watched random stuff. Mikey had got me a pasta thing from his trip to Tesco and it was absolutely horrible cause it had this massive, horrible tasting, cheese lump that took up most of the tub. Ewww. Mikey got it replaced today though.

Ian amused me on twitter. I replied at him and he (instead of replying to my question) looked at my icon thing I'm using there and asked 'is your picture Jamie or the really intelligent one from BFMV?' That's awesome and amusing at the same time!

I'm annoyed that two apps on facebook have fucked up and lost all my info. I hope they sort themselves out too cause that Star Trek one took agesss to get to that level.

The Blackout did a thing on BBC Switch, which I'm gonna watch after Star Trek.

I woke up in a shitty mood today. It's improved a little, though the apps dying has confused me.

Mikey's got the Bullet calandar though. Next month's is hot.

I wrote a bit last night, but didn't get to do too much so I'll go back to it soon. And finish off icons.

I did hear some of new Fightstar stuff and it's mostly good.
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