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Don't you know about the word?

Mikey did a hot fic, yay! Everyone read it (though don't click right away cause it's on friends only or the moment).

Today's been another lazy day. I didn't sleep till after 6 though.

Mikey went to Tesco and was very nice and awesome cause he got me The Very Hungry Caterpillar pack they had (which was the book, the colouring book and crayons). We're gonna colour it in later (though not with the crayons, with colouring pencils).

I wanna go to the extrasolar waterworld Gliese 581 e (it needs a better name though). I wonder what alien fish look like. Apparently they'd look like ours sorta cause it's all about buoyancy or something.

I hope Stephen Hawking's gonna be ok.

In Kerrang Mateo's the latest person to be wearing a Lyn-Z like outfit. Seriously, it's like a fucking plague now. What's the deal with that? And why's Trace Cyrus get a double poster for? Huh?

We watched A Bug's Life yesterday and Hellboy tonight, after something about a cannibal killer.

I meant to write or something today. Well, I meant to do a bit, but got too comfy in the media room's blanket thing. I'm not sure if I will do something tonight. We'll see.

I will finish Into The Darkness as soon as I'm set up back home. Honest.

I'm not looking forward to Monday.

I might go back on Ninjatown or have a go on the sonic game I got Mikey later.

That's it with the random. I've not listened to Fightstar's album properly after glastocharm sent it me yet. I probably why on the mp3.

Au revoir.
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