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Keep me safe and sound

I didn't sleep till 10am this morning. Yeah. I've got no idea why. Maybe cause I was writing or something. I dunno.

I had a dream I might fic, but I dunno yet.

I woke at sometime after 4, but didn't wanna move for about an hour after that.

Me watched Heroes earlier. As always, we were screaming at someone (this time Sylar) to kill that bastard Danko. Let's hope he does at the start of the next ep. And yeah, he totally raped Micah even know he's losing the plot just a teeny bit.

I've not done anything I've meant to do today.

I'm annoyed at places saying that the next Umbrella Academy is out 2 weeks later then it should be. It confuses the hell out of me. It should be out next week (the last Wednesday of the month) but places say it's out on the 13th instead. Anyone know why?

Also, anyone gonna be getting free comic book day stuff?

This=stuck in my head.

The Safe And Sound song Gerard did is good (though I can only remember the woah bits). He looks good wet.

I wanna see Madina this tour like I was gonna, but it's far too late to get tickets and all that shit. Bah. I was hoping they'd be announced for Download but what got announced was mostly shit.

Speaking of Madina, one of their songs was used in an ad for 90210 here, which is strange. They're also on the cover of tomorrow's Kerrang.

Yeah, this post is pretty much as disjointed as ever, cause I just type what comes into my head.

Mikey makes good cakes. I want more damnit!

I dunno what we're gonna do with the rest of tonight. Cept eat doritos.
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