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Straight To DVD

Straight To DVD
Pairing: Sean Smith, Jay James/Matt Tuck, Jay James/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Bondage
Notes: I blame this on the fact that both Bullet's and The Blackout's last records were recorded at the same place.

I laid on the bed in my room, a little hyper from today's recording. The others had all turned in, leaving me alone for the night. I stared up at the ceiling, unsure exactly of what I should do with myself. I hopped off the bed, crouching beside it and feeling for the bag that I'd stuffed under it. As I felt around for it, my fingers gripped onto something else. Curious, I retreated my hand back and glanced at what I'd found. It was an unmarked slimline dvd case. I sat back, opening the case and glancing at the silver disk within, which was also unmarked. Shrugging, I stood with it and headed to the dvd player. Watching whatever was on the disc would no doubt occupy me, at least for awhile. I wondered over to the room's tv, turning it and the dvd player on. Pressing the button to make the disc tray come out, removing the disc from it's case and dropping it on the tray. "Now then, let's see what's on you.." I whispered to myself, laying back on the bed with the remote, watching as the tray retreated back into the player.

The disc went on autoplay, turning the screen blank for a few seconds. I kept watching as the screen turned from darkness into an image, an image of one of the room's at the ranch. For a brief few seconds I thought it might turn into a scene from some horror film, with that being an amateur recording of someone being snuffed out. However it soon turned out to be an amateur film of a different sort, and I reached down to palm my crotch through my jeans. There was someone pushed over the pool table, their legs spread wide and secured to the table's. Their arms were pulled behind them and tied together at the small of their back. From this angle, I could see that there were tattoos on both of their arms. Their hair was dark and just about reached their shoulder blades. I could make out most of a lizard tattoo at the upper part of their back, though it was partially obscured by their arms. From my observations I guessed that this person was a male.

The person who held the camera moved closer to the quivering male's body, turning around to show his face. His hazel eyes glanced at the camera, pleading to be either released or touched. A black ball gag filled his mouth, with the straps secured around his head. There was a lip ring through the center of his bottom lip and a small amount of facial hair just below it. I vaguely recognised him, but right now my blood was now in a place some distance from my brain.

The camera pulled back from him, the person holding the camera moving so he was on his right side. A few more seconds passed where nothing happened, but then another guy entered the shot. He had long hair, a few inches longer then the one tied to the table and he looked slightly slimmer. He had tattoos covering the upper half of his left arm. He was just as naked as the one on the table, his stiff cock jutting out from his crotch. "Well, well, look at the little bitch all ready for me." His hips swayed as he crossed the room to the table. His accent was Welsh and, after shifting my gaze from his stiff dick to his face, I recognised his face. He was Matt Tuck. I guessed that the one on the table had to be from his band too. They'd recorded here not long ago, so I guessed they'd done this then and accidentally left it behind. I smirked, undoing my fly and pulling out my hard dick, smirking to myself that I was bigger then him. I wrapped my fingers around my dick, stroking myself steadily as Matt pulled apart the bound guy's cheeks.

The camera shifted to his hole, showing that the twitching pucker had clearly been preped before the camera started. The camera shifted again, zooming back slightly so we could see Matt's dick rub over the other guy's hole. "You want it bitch?" He growled, bringing his hand down to slap the other guy's ass hard. He made some sort of sound behind the gag, though it was hard to tell what it actually was. "What was that?" There was another mumbled sound and the camera panned so I could see he was making a slight nod. The camera moved back to the guy's ass, just as Matt's cock head pushed it's way inside. I heard a low groan as the slender dick penetrated the bound guy, Matt's hands holding onto his cheeks. After a few seconds he began to move, thrusting his hips and moaning loudly. His movements were hard and fast from the start, seemingly unconcerned about the guy he was fucking. His nails dug into the fleshy arse cheeks and his groans only seemed to get louder with each passing moment. My hand movements had increased steadily, almost matching his pace. I forced myself to slow down, just in case there was more to come after this fucking.

After a few more thrusts of Matt's hip, he must have came, since he let out a low groan and arched his back. When he pulled out, the camera zoomed back in on the quivering asshole as it dribbled cum. "So fucking hot..." I whispered to myself, bucking my hips up. I knew I'd pause it at that on my next viewing. I watched as the camera panned back again to show that Matt had taken another few steps back, slapping the bound guy's ass before leaving the shot.

"Moose, you wanna have a go?" A voice sounded through the speakers, which I guessed belonged to the cameraman. The voice was deep and amore then a little gruff.

"Yeah sure." The camera turned to face Moose, who was naked and louging on a couch leisurely stroking his cock. He had shorter hair then the other two, with it not even passing his ears. He had tattoos on both of his arms, a few more then the one bound had. His cock was also larger in both senses of the word. He stood up and the camera followed him as he crossed the small space to where the bound guy was secured. He looked him over, seeming to consider wheather he'd stick his cock in his ass, mouth or just jerk off over him. After a few seconds of thought, he moved to the position Matt had occupied just a few moments before. His dick pushed inside the freshly fucked hole, easily sliding in without a single bit of resistance. He began moving, much slower then Matt had ever moved during his fuck.

As he started picking up the pace, Matt spoke up. "Go on Padge, let me take the came. You're as hard as a fucking rock." The cameraman let out a soft groan and the picture shook as the camera was handed over to Matt. The cameraman, Padge, came into view. He was similar to Matt in that he had the same length hair, with tattoos on both arms. He was slightly bulkier then Matt, with a rounder stomach then the slender Matt was. He had a goatee on his face, occupying most of his chin. His cock was thicker then Matt's was and about the same sort of length. He moved to the bound boy's face, unbuckling the gag and pulling it out of the guy's mouth and setting it down on the table beside him. Grabbing the base of his thick cock, he pushed into into his mouth, gripping onto his pretty hair.

"Shit..." I increased the pace of my hand, my eyes lidding slightly. "So fucking hot..." The camera shook a little, moving between Moose and Padge's thrusting bodies. Clearly, Matt couldn't decide which to focus on more. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to watch more either. I went in and out of the dvd then, my eyes lidding slightly and my breath hitching. I think Moose came as when I next tried to focus on it he moved away. Again the camera zoomed in on the cum drooling out of his arsehole. That image did it for me and I came hard over my bare chest with a soft moan.

"Fuck..." I ran my fingers through the fluid, licking it off my fingers while pressing stop with the other. "That's some hot shit..." I stared at the screen as it went back to black. I wondered if there was any more on after that, but I decided to leave that for when I was bored another night. I'd definitely keep this thing, but perhaps I'd ask them about it. Maybe I could get them to give me a live showing. Turning off the tv, I closed my eyes and knew I'd be dreaming about that tonight.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, jay james/moose/padge, matt tuck, moose, padge, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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