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Make it home again

So I just got off the phone with mum. I can go back home. I've said I'll wait until after JC next week to see when I'm coming back, but it's hard to decide when. It'll at least be after Star Trek (which means another month lost on the Bullet calendar). The problem is that The Blackout gig is too far from that to justify staying (and she'd probably say not to go anyway). And then there's Download. She'd probably say no about that too.

However I didn't try negoiating for those things yet. I will when I next call.

I don't think Mikey wants me to go back though. But really, I have to. Nan's been going from ok to iffy and all my stuff's still up there. Mum implied if I said no to this then everything would be gone before I could retrieve it.


I hope tomorrow's Download announcement's add good people. I need a good couple more to be more excited.

Mikey preordered me the Dallas hardcover cause it was 40% off. Yay! Also Claire's awesome (which I said a few posts back but didn't say why) for getting me the Bob mask.

I'm gonna help Mikey with cakes now. Though by help it generally means Mikey has to stop me from eating them.

Later I'll try and write stuff maybe.
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