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Random Angles

Random Angles
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Spencer Smith, girl!Jay James/girl!Padge/girl!Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Femmeslash, strap-on
Notes: Sequel to The Start Of Something Beautiful, The Second Time, Straps and Confines. I know it's been awhile since the last one, but... that's how it goes sometimes I guess (There's at least one more part planned). (There's a slight prize of a cookiee for whoever gets the reject list.)

I sat in the same bar where I'd first met Jay, in exactly the same stool I had been sitting in. I reached up and fiddled with the fishnet top I was wearing, my cheeks flushing slightly. Jay had inisted I wore it with nothing underneath to show off my 'gorgeous tits' and as such my nipples kept poking through the holes. I also wore a short skirt that barely reached my knees. I was thankful she let me wear panties, else my pussy would be on display just by me sitting here.

Next to me sat Jay. She was wearing a black t-shirt with a band I'd never heard before on it and jeans at least a size too small. She also had a gold piece of cloth tied around her left wrist, which wasn't present on her right. Right now she was currently talking to a girl that wore a shorter skirt then I, who was wearing a red top and had her black hair hanging just past her chin. She was leaning in close to Jay so she could be heard, but I was too far to hear a single word. Instead, I lifted up my bottle and took a long drink, the alcohol burning my throat a little. By the time I swallowed and set the bottle down, the girl was walking away, clearly none too happy.

Jay swiveled in her seat, kissing my cheek and offering me a smile. "She's a slut, mostly cause she's as bendy as fuck." She took a sip of her own drink, stroking my belly with her other hand. "She wasn't right for us sweet tits." I nodded and smiled at her, petting her thigh gently.

That girl was the third she'd rejected thus far. The first had been a chick with long brown hair and big tits, who she'd sent away because she didn't want her breasts to smother me. Not that I'd have minded that. The second had been a slim, flat chested girl. Because her chest was so flat, Jay groped her crotch to she if she was really a man instead. After realising she wasn't and a short talk, she went too. We were here because she had asked if I was interested in a threesome. When I'd sad yes, she'd suggested we come here tonight. Since she was more experienced in this sort of thing, I'd let her take charge.

I glanced over at her, seeing she was talking to the next prospect. She had long hair which reached her shoulders. She wore three quarter lengths and a black band tee that looked similar to Jay's. She had two sets of noticeable tattoos, a band around her right arm just above the elbow and a large set on her upper left arm. She had ample breasts, larger then mine but slightly smaller then Jay's. After a few minutes of talking, Jay turned back to face me. "Do you like her?" She leaned over slightly so I could get a clear view of her. I took a good look at her and nodded, smiling at her. "Awesome." And with that she finished her drink and hopped off the stool, leading the pair of us out.

"What's your name?" I asked the new girl as we sat in the back seat of Jay's car, her hand stroking my knee.

"Padge." I looked at her sceptically, but she smiled. "It's my nickname, I prefer to be called by it." She leaned in close to me and kissed me, silencing anything else I might have said. Her voice was similar to Jay's, only deeper. I figured she was Welsh too from the accent. That was probably why Jay had chosen her. She tasted faintly of cigarettes and something sweet, but mostly she tasted of alcohol. By the time we broke the kiss we were already back at Jay's. We all got out of the car the second it stopped, the three of us crossing the short space to Jay's doorway. She fumbled with her keys as Padge slipped her hand under the skirt, her fingers rubbing my wetness through the panties.

"Let's get you inside now mmm?" I glanced up at Jay, the door now open and felt my cheeks flush. They both pushed me inside the building, with Jay guiding us both upstairs to the bedroom. On the bedside table were a selection of the toys we'd used that Jay'd set out in preparation for this. Jay gripped Padge's tee and pulled her close, the pair of them kissing. Jay reached around and pushed Padge's pants down her legs, grinding her hips slightly. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan, sliding my hand up under my skirt to stroke my fingers over the wet fabric. I watched as Jay's pants were pushed down her hips too, joining Padge's on the floor. As they parted from each other, they looked over at me, purring. "Isn't my Spencer hot?" I flushed at her saying those words, my fingers stilling. She'd not said anything like that before to me, so it made me all... tingly.

"Yeah, she is." Padge left Jay's body, crossing the short space to me. She stroked her hands down my sides, stopping at the top of my skirt and pushing it down my legs. My underwear joined the skirt seconds later, her hands stroking my thighs gently. Her thumbs rubbed the skin close to my opening, making me purr softly at the gentle touch. A second set of hands began pulling the fishnet of my body and I realised that Jay must've used the time I'd been distracted by Padge to come up behind me. I raised my arms above my head, letting her tug the fishnet off my body. She dropped it to the floor, her hands moving along the sides of my body. Padge pressed her face into my breasts, her fingers teasingly stroking my entrance. I gasped softly as she pushed a finger inside me, groaning as she curved it within me. "So wet..."

"Yeah, she gets like that." Jay purred from behind me, licking at my neck lightly. Her hands stroked my tits while she pressed her body against my back. I felt her wetness against my ass, her hips rolling against my cheeks. "Want to fuck her?"

Padge nodded, seperating from me and removing her tee. She looked prettier naked. Both her nipples were pierced with silver bars which glinted in the light. She left us both, lifting up one of the strap-on's from the table after examining them before lifting one up. She bought it down between her legs, securing the straps tightly around her legs and waist. She came back towards me, the slim purple shaft sticking out from her crotch. She returned to her place in front of me, letting the tip brush against my entrance. I whimpered softly, feeling her hands prise my pussy lips open. She purred softly and pushed her hips forward, the rubber shaft sliding into my hole. I groaned loudly, closing my eyes and feeling my knees becoming a little weak. If Jay hadn't been there to hold me I was sure I'd fall backwards. "So hot..." Padge whispered against me, her eyes looking down to watch as my cunt swallowed the whole dildo. I moaned as she began to move, fucking me at a steady pace. While she did that, Jay played with my breasts and kept grinding herself against me. I wasn't sure if the movement was doing everything for her, but I felt her wetness against my skin.

After a few thrusts of Padge's hips against me, she finally purred against me. "Finger me." I nodded, holding onto Padge with one hand while reaching back to touch her. I stroked her thighs while searching for her pussy, eventually settling my fingers against her wet hole. After she shifted slightly so I could get a better angle, I worked a trembling finger into her. I couldn't move it very well, in part due to the position I was in but also due to being fucked by Padge. I managed to add a second finger into her and sort of move them in and out, but it was mostly her hips doing the work. Occasionally I was able to make my fingers twitch or jerk in some fashion, but I was mostly focussed on Padge's movements, which had now become much rougher and faster. I closed my eyes as her hand shifted closer to my clit, her fingers pressing against me in an attempt to find it. I let out an incoherent gasp as she did so, bucking my hips against the shaft.

I let out low moans of arousal as she made me cum, my juices soaking the dildo. "Oh fuck..." Jay pulled me off the dick and laid me down on the bed after just a few moments. I watched in a daze as Jay removed the strap-on, pushing Padge onto the bed next to me. The strap-on was tossd on the opposite side of me and Jay climbed onto the bed, straddling Padge's face. Jay's head disappeared between Padge's thighs, her tongue lapping at Padge's cunt while she gave Jay's the same treatment. It really was quite beautiful. I shifted on the bed to get a better look at Padge's, seeing that her lips were slightly fatter then mine or Jay's. I licked my lips slightly, partly jealous of them, but seeing them licking each other out was just too fucking hot. Especially when Padge started to play with Jay's tits.

After a few minutes I licked my lips and moved between Jay's legs, spreading her ass cheeks with both hands. I leaned in close and began to lick her asshole, purring at the sounds of pleasure she and Padge were making. I wiggled my tongue inside her, my eyes lidding again. At first I thought that if I hadn't just came I'd have reached down and touched myself again, but then I thought fuck it. I shifted a hand between my legs, working my fingers on my clit. I was so glad I wasn't a guy, since I knew they'd have to wait forever to get hard again. I moved my fingers in small circles, groaning at the sounds they made. I licked her as deep as I could feeling myself cum again.

I was unsure when they both did, but I guessed it was at roughly the same time as me. I looked at them both, groaning at the sight of them both with their faces sticky with cum. I couldn't help but lean up and lick at Jay's face when she lay between ustasing Padge. "Mmmm that was so hot." She stroked my chest lightly kissing my cheek. "Thanks for that sweet tits you too Padge." She leaned over at kissed Padge's cheek gently wrapping an arm around each of us and holding us close. "Pass me a cig sweet tits." I nodded and handed her one with her lighter too, offering one to Padge too but she just shook her head.

She moved her hand from around Padge's waist and began to do her usual post-sex smoke. I knew it shouldn't have been as hot as it was, but it was just so sexy. Padge lay there, resting her head on Jay's tit while inhaling the smoke, her eyes closed in contentment. I just watched Jay as she smoked, smiling at the expression on her face and the way her hair was jutting out at random angles. She held her cigarette between her lips, moving her right hand to remove the piece of cloth from her left and cast it aside. I made a mental nod to ask her about that in the morning.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!spencer smith, girl!padge, girl!spencer smith, panic! at the disco
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