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Picture time!

So I've got the pictures uploaded so here's the pic post. I forgot to take a pic of my signed ticket cause I'm dim. I'm working on the fic to finish it off, hopefully finishing it tonight.

The crystal tree as it is now. It's a bitfalling apart. Thjer's other pics on a different memory card

Stuff from yesterday:

The Sarah Jane figures (no pics of the other stuff... cause I forgot)

The promo cds

The books

The tee

Other stuff:

My sheep!

DS9 boxset

The Star Wars figs:

Asajj Ventress, IG-68, C-3P0, Droideka, Plo Koon, Count Dooku

Pics of me, wah!


Me and James

Me and Matthew

Me and Sean

Me and unexpected Ian
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