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Today's been a very productive day, better then I expected by far.

The day started with me being woke properly by Mikey's phone alarm (I was already half awake, but didn't want to move. I eventually did and sorted out e-mails and AC. Then (after changing) we went to Orpington station.

After a train ride (where I listened to my pod thing on random and being on AC DS cause I'm odd like that) we got to Brixton. Brixton isn't the most exciting place in the world. It's actually quite... boring? If it wasn't for the venue I doubt most people would go there.

We had Mcdonalds, which was good though they didn't have the mozellera sticks. Bah. After that we went in a few shops. First we went in Poundland. I got Mikey a little cuddly sheep and a box of Heroclix cause I was curious (and they were only a quid). Alas, the Heroclixs are eh and I dunno who any of the ones I got are (bar Iron Man). Next we went to Smiths cause they had a Space book I liked the look of. It's the Enclyclopedia Of Space and it was £20, but the sticker said it was £7.99. I get to the till and it's £5 instead! And I got to use the special Easter discount card and got it down to £4! Awesome! I'll randomly read up on dark matter and black holes and stuff over the weekend. Although it did destroy all the bags it was put in.

Then we went in the 99p shop. Mikey got some stuff and I got a Wall-E pop-up book and 3 Sarah Jane Adventures things (including the light up figure two pack that came out at £15). So I was quite happy with that. We also went in a charity shop across from the venue and got loads of promo cds there. That was awesome. I'd list them, but I'm lazy.

After that we joined the line, which was pretty long. I saw The Blackout's producer go in. We got in ok, but got seperated at the stupid entrance. It's retardent to split boys and girls up there I think. Inside, we both got the same tee (a The Blackout one with eyes like the album cover) before going inside.

The first act were called In This Moment. To us, they should've been higher up the bill. They were really good. The lead singer chick can scream, like proper scream. We were both amazed by that. Though she has an iffy dress sense. The bassist was pretty hot.

Next were Lights. Ugh, they were shit. We sat it out.

Then there was Emery, which were pretty good too. I can't recall anything specific about them though.

After that were The King Blues, who were just... ugh. They were terrible.

Then there was The Academy Is... who I'd not heard in awhile. They were stillpretty good, though I hadn't heard them in so long I forgot bits of lyrics. William wasn't wearing a tee that rode up, though it did make him look like he had boobs. And he had a bulge. Their drummer was off cause he 'had an accident'.

Then there was The Blackout (aka the nutters from Wales). During set up Sean's brother came on stage, sticking setlists to places (and James went across the stage and no one noticed). They were all kinds of awesome as always. Sean was as nutty as ever (in a way he's sorta like Jimmy like that, only he's not as bad). He had a tee on that kept riding up and showing skin. When Gavin got on the floor Sean put his foot on his back all dominant style. Seconds later, he went behind James and looked like he was fucking him. They said it was a special show cause it was Rhy's first since the injury. Yay! They played four new album songs (though one was truly unknown to us). Apparently the Children Of The Night video's number 2 in the MTV chart. Fuck.

After that we were gonna stay and listen to one Enter Shikari song, but they took too long to set up so we went out instead. We decided to wait round the side for anyone to come out. Sean and the others stuck there heads out occasionally, before James and Matthew came down. We got pictures with both and they signed my ticket. Good times. Mikey's pen got passed around a lot.

The manip thing that Mikey did amused James so much, it was awesome how he laughed.

Sean came out and eventually I got a pic and his signiture (and learned he knows no Welsh, bah). Just before we went though, someone else came out. Ian from lostprophets! We'd heard he was hanging with them (but we don't know why exactly). We both got a picture.

I look stupid in all of mine, but I'll post them tomorrow with pics of the crystal tree, Star Wars stuff and misc stuff from today.

Matthew waved us bye as we went, he's so cute.

On the way home we saw a fox run out over the road. Silly thing.

We went to Tesco to get some things and ended up talking to strange dude about shit. He's weird but nice. I got the last Star Wars fig from the wave, so I'm happy.

Now we're home and posting concurrently. All in all, an awesome night and productive day.

There'll be a load of posts over the weekend. First the pic post and then a few fic ones, which are:
*The next girl!Jay/girl!Spencer one
*One about The Blackout at sonic ranch
*A possible I'm Not Okay based one
*A possible The Blackout one at/after the gig (with either Ian or Beckett)
*A possible twisted AU fic like We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands video (aka, evil version of someone enters this universe and is puzzled by this universes one being so good)
*A scat fic

I'm gonna eat my pasta thing and pineapple (cause they had no mango, boo).
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