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We are the children

I saw a tiny bit of High School Musical 2 on Monday. Holy fuck it's bad. I literally had to stick my fingers in my ears to block the sound of it out. How the shit can anyone think that's good?

Yesterday was uneventful, though I managed to sleep several hours longer then Mikey. Normally I wake up beore he does or at around the same time. I guess I was real drained or some shit like that.

We did a late night run to Tesco though, which was nice.

I hate that tomorrow's an early morning causa Give It A Name. I seriously thought it'd be Saturday till Mikey checked yesterday. The most annoying thing about this Give It A Name is that it's not got as many people we want to see. The previous ones have had more then two, but this one? It's just The Blackout and The Academy Is... (though I've not listened to them too much, but I didn't really like the last album songs, though who wants to bet there'll end or being one of The Blackout/Beckett porn?). All the rest of the bands are ehish. The thing is, if The Blackout weren't playing, we wouldn't be going at all.


Least it's a day out I guess. And perhaps on of the smaller bands will be good (like The Blackout was on the first Give It A Name I went to).

The Blackout's new song (though not really new snce it's been played at gigs) is awesome. I love it. I keep randomly singing bits. The video's up to watch, though it is quite strange I think. The band aren't in it enough, though Gareth looks all cute and pretty.

I've been going through the Deep Space 9 boxset. I've gotten through the first two discs already, which surprises me as I never expected to get through one this soon. Hoo-rah.

Claire deserves extra smushing. Yay!

There may be another Doctor Who spin-off this year. Yay for the forth one (I'm not counting the stupid looking K9 series).

I'm off into fic mode now. I'm working on the net part of the girl!Jay/girl!Spencer series thingy.

Plans for tonight? Fuck all apart from watching Star Trek and setting up the box to record the one I'll miss.
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