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Someday The Fire...

Someday The Fire...
Pairing: Gerard Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Mutual masturbation
Request: chubby!cynicalartist!Gerard gets saved from his burning apartment building by hunky!fireman!Ray
Notes: First MCR fic in awhile due to the bitchiness, this was done for the anon_lovefest fic exchange (which I wasn't expecting to do). I was expecting the first MCR fic to be a request on that comm (an I'm Not Okay one) but I got inspired for this while laying in bed and being unable to sleep at 6am this morning. Oddly, it's different to most things I do as it's not that pervy so... I also considered having an epilogue thing on the end, but didn't.

This had to be the worst moving day in history.

First, the movers had decided to take my furniture on a trip to the other side side of town. Then the elevator decided it was a good idea to stop fucking working, so half my stuff had just been left in one of the apartment building's empty garages to be moved later. Now it felt like the annoying fucking heatwave was getting worse, so I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling and praying that everything would cool down.

Of course, if it had been up to me, I'd have stayed where I was. I was quite happy living with my baby brother, even with the sounds of him and his boyfriend fucking through the walls which were equal part arousing and disturbing. They'd decided they wanted some 'privacy', whatever the fuck that meant so found me this place. It wasn't like I was loud or anything. I barely left my room let alone get in the way.

I frowned slightly, sniffing the air. The smell of smoke normally didn't scare me, after all, I did smoke. However, since I wasn't smoking right now and there was no one else here doing it either, it started to worry me. I hopped off the covers, heading straight to the bedroom window. Pushing the tattered curtains aside, I did a quick sweep of the surrounding area, scanning for any signs of fire. There was nothing that I could see, so I considered the possibilty it was on the other side of the building. That was until I saw a cloud of smoke drift past from below. Glancing down, I saw that it's source was the apartment two floors down. Shit. Why'd I have to live in an apartment building without a fucking fire escape?

I quickly considered what I should do for the best. I couldn't go down the stairs, cause the fire could have spread that far already. I could jump, but at six floors up I knew I had a low likelyhood of survival. My only real choice was to wait for rescue.

I sighed heavily, moving from the window and pacing around the bedroom. Whenever I went near the window I'd stop and peer out the glass. After a mere handful of minutes I saw that the smoke was now coming out of the place below mine. I scratched my side nervously, pacing far more rapidly. What if no one came? What if I burned like a crisp in here? I headed straight to the clothes on the floor beside the bed, crouching down and feeling through my pockets. "Shit, shit.." My cell phone was no where in sight. I cursed under my breath again as I straightened up and resumed my pacing.

I only stopped when I saw smoke enter the room under the door, signalling that the fire had gotten even closer. I moved as far from the door as I could, despite knowing it wouldn't make much difference. Recalling some fire safety shit I'd seen on tv, I slide down the wall until I was sitting on the floor. I faintly heard sirens and thanked fuck that someone had actually called 911. I curled myself into a ball, covering my mouth with my hand as I started to cough.

I glanced up at the door, feeling myself start to fade in and out of conciousness. I wasn't sure how long I'd been sitting there when the door got kicked open. I blinked as I looked up, seeing a firemen who easily strode the distance across the room. I couldn't tell anything about him from looking at him, his uniform and helmet concealling most of his features. The nly thing I could see were a few curls of brown hair protruding from beneath the helmet. He lifted me up into his arms, stumbling back a step at the extra weight, then carried me out.

Getting out of the building seemed like such a blur, but that was only because my eyes were opening and closing the whole time. One minute we were in my bedroom, then the next we were heading down a ladder. Only when he'd settled me down at the back of an open ambulence did everything come into proper focus again. I glanced up at him as he stood over me, a paramedic giving me a quick check over. Satisfied I was alright, the paramedic left my side, leaving me with the firemen that saved me.

"Thanks." I managed, after taking a few clensing breaths.

"It's alright, it's my job." He removed the helmet, revealing himself to me. He had thick dark brown curls covering his head, sparkling hazel eyes and thick lips. "Are you alright though?"

"Yeah, I think so." I nodded slightly, running a hand through my messy hair. I looked back at the burning building, the flames being doused by streams of water. At least my most important stuff, my artwork and shit, was still at Mikey's. I felt my cheeks flush when I realised I was next to naked, and my hands instantly went to cover my boxer-clad crotch, making him chuckle.

"I've seen worse, trust me." He said with a reassuring smile, though I still felt self concious, reaching for a towel the paramedic left behind and wrapping it around me. "I'm Ray Toro by the way."

"Gerard Way." I smiled, reaching out to offer him my hand, which he took and shook in a firm shake. "Looks like it's under control."

He twisted his head round, smiling when the last of the flames died out under a torrent of water. "Yeah." he turned back to face me. "Hey, since your place is totalled, how about you come stay at mine tonight?"

I considered his offer, knowing that I could go back to Mikey, but I'd much rather go back with the hunky looking firemen. "Sure. I have a car just... shit, my keys!"

He chuckled softly, petting my back. "It's alright, don't worry about it." He smiled down at me. "We can take my ride." He nodded at red truck that loomed behind us, grinning back at me.


A few minutes later we were at his place, having been dropped off on the fire truck's return journey. After a quick call to let Mikey know I was ok, Ray offered to run me a bath and laid out some fresh clothes for me to put on after it. They didn't quite fit right, but I was grateful for the covering. "Thanks for this Ray, I really appreciate it."

"It's no trouble." He had changed into a white tee with a loosely fitted pants. He was so fucking hot. But I doubted he'd want someone like me. He was a pretty, strong firemen and I was, what? A pale skinned, fat dude that spent his time doing art. "You like me, don't you?" I gazed at him, blushing when he stared at me, an eyebrow raised.

I felt my cheeks flushed, realising I was fully erect and, in these pants, my bulge was noticeable. "I'm sorry..."

"Nah, it's ok." He smiled, petting the place on the couch beside him. I sat there gently, my cheeks still flushed even as he placed a hand on my knee. "Really." I looked up at him, letting him see the slight confusion in my eyes. "You are pretty cute."

"You think so?" I whispered uncertainly.

"Yeah. After all, I don't bring everyone I save home." He shifted his hand up my leg, his fingertips stroking up my leg. "You don't mind do you?"

"No, not at... all." His touch sent tingles straight to my groin. My cock twitched in arousal when his fingers cupped my crotch, caressing my erection. I nervously reached over, stroking his as well. He felt so much bigger then I was. He leaned over to me, capturing my lips with his own. Caught off guard, I was too surprised to react to him, so he pulled away. "No it's..." I smiled and closed the gap between us, kissing him gently.

He responded better then I had, parting his lips and swiping his tongue across mine. At the same time, his hand opened the pants I was wearing, pulling out my cock. He wrapped his hand around my shaft, steadily stroking it. I moaned softly, breaking the kiss to try and open his. After some fumbling, I managed it, tugging his cock out the opening, gasping at the sight of it. "You don't think it's too big do you?"

I shook my head, wrapping my fingers around it and starting to stroke him slowly. He was so much bigger then mine I was slightly intimidated, but not enough to stop. I kissed him again, bucking up into his hand. I kept stroking him, gradually forming a rhythm. It was a fairly steady pace, similar to the one he was using on me. I began increasing my speed on him, stroking him faster with each movement. I shifted my lips from his, planting them on the crook of his neck. I licked and kissed at his skin, purring at his taste.

Before I could really focus on pleasing him, I closed my eyes, his fist moving rapidly along my dick. I tried to keep stroking him, but found it harder to move my hand along him. My back arched off the couch slightly, my head tipping back as I came. I panted heavily, slowly opening my eyes to gaze at him. He released his hand from my dick, licking the pearly fluid from his thick fingers. As he did that, he wrapped his free hand around mine, using it to jerk himself off.

I watched in a slight daze as he came as well, his body thrusting up into our joined hands as he shot his load. I watched as he came, the spurts seeming near endless. I leaned down, licking up the ones that landed on his t-shirt, not worrying that it probably made me look like some sort of cum craving slut.

After a few moments of me licking, and several heavy pants, Ray managed to speak again. "Mmmm that was good. Thanks." He kisses me again, allowing us to taste one another, although the taste had faded slightly.

"Thank you too." I smiled, curling up against him and pulling up my pants as he did the same for his. We remained like that for awhile, watching tv but not really paying attention to it. Fairly content, we both drifted off to sleep like that.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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