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I keep missing it

Happy zombie jesus day!

So far it's been uneventful. No eggs for me. But I did get all the egg set on AC wii which makes me happy inside cause it's pretty.

Tonight's Doctor Who Confidential and the last Red Dwarf (which has been ehish and not as funny or good as I thought it'd be).

I keep seeing The Very Hungry Caterpillar everywhere and I want it. It's an awesome book about a caterpillar that just noms everything and then turns into a butterfly.

To-do this week (in no really order):
*Get out money
*Get Kerrang before Wednesday
*Next lesbian!Jay fic
*A scat fic
*Possibly a killer fic
*Sort out comp (primarily so I can sort Into The Darkness)
*Give It A Name
*Clone Wars run
*Watch at least some of the Star Trek on tv for Spock
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