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I can't wait for you to shut me up

After watching Doctor Who eps (the Dalek two parter from series 3 (Dalek Sec is so hot, The Lazarus Experiment and 42) things went eh last night. Bah.

We got Red Dwarf though, but I watched the later repeat better. It was funny. I want tonight's on now.

I also sorted out icons. Most are Jay but there's finally some Watchmen. There's space for one more which'll be decided after the Clone Wars run. It'll either be Aurra Sing or Cad Bane, both from the finale.

Today we went to Tunbridge Wells. It was ok. Probably not as good as we were expecting. Cause we went late the banks were shut, so I had to borrow some from Mikey to get a cheap boxset in the HMV sale. It was Deep Space 9 Season 6 (ok, so I saw the last few on tv recent but the rest I didn't). I wish it was a season with a proper mirror universe episode, but still. Mikey got the Toy Story dvd set cheap. Hurrah!

We went to Tesco and got a few bits and got back in time for Doctor Who.

Right, what did I think about it? It was good, but not brilliant. There were thinks I loved, but ones I disdn't.

I hated Christina. I hated her accent, her attitude, that she kissed the Doctor and she had a TARDIS bag. Bah. I hated the Doctor let her go. I didn't like the UNIT chick. Sure, it was funny when she saluted, but pulling out a gun on Malcolm put her right down. The bus driver was so stupid.

I didn't mind the swarm really. I didn't think they were too iffy. The flying bus wasn't too bad either.

I liked the bug boys. The Tritovores were so cute. I wished they'd survived. The poor things. It wasn't fair they died,, I wanted so bad for them to live. I hope they return in some form. (I had images of one of them with Jack with 'waste matter' involved.) Nathan was so cute. He'll look good in a red cap. I loved Malcolm. He was awesome (obviously, cause it's Lee) he was so cute and sweet and exciteable. I honestly expected him to kiss the Doctor at the end. The Doctor shoulda nicked him for a trip. It'd be cute. I really hope he comes back.

The best bit, perhaps, was the psychic chick saying that the Doctor's song would end (like the Ood said), something about the darkness (though that's been mentioned so many times it could be anything) and he'd knock four times (the Master we think). Gah!

The next special (about waters on Mars) looks so awesome. I wanna see that. But also I wanna see the last two, which will be awesome. Cause it'll have the Master, Donna and Luke in it. Yay! I look Jack's in it too and gets to snog 10 before he changes (or even causes the regeneration).

Later tonight, Red Dwarf and... I dunno what else. At some point before Claire goes, we'll watch old school Doctor.

Tomorrow, I've gotta go on AC wii for a fair bit to see the bunny. Yay!
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