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Is random

Random thoughts:
*I have MSI's Shut Me Up stuck in my head and it won't go away
*Claire's here, yay!
*I've done icons at last and shall choose which ones to upload soon
*We went to Tesco last night. I got 3 Star Wars figs (cause it was 3 for 2): Dooku, C-3P0 and a droideka (which has a really awesome pop out thing)
*No pics uploaded yet, will later
*Late happy birthday Gerard!
*Yay for Red Dwarf tonight
*We're watching Doctor Who tonight (and yay for it being on tomorrow!)
*I need my brain registered for writing, maybe it will be later
*Finally sorted all stuff out on AC Wii earlier, yay!
*Tunbridge Wells tomorrow I think. We're going in random places mostly
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