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Get It Up

Get It Up
Pairing: Jimmy Urine/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jimmy
Notes: I blame this on Madina's twitter's, cause they got ecited about being with MSI.

I looked at the twins as we entered their hotel room. We'd chosen this one instead of my own, since there's had a double bed and I was certain Steve would be fucking someone in mine. He often seemed to be whenever we did these kinds of things. Sometimes I'd watch. Other times I'd be involved. They pushed me against the wall, each of them attacking a different side of my neck. They pressed their bodies up against mine, their hardnesses clear even through all the layers of clothing that seperated us. I sighed at the feeling, reaching around behind them both and groping their asses. They were so fucking hot and they both knew it. "Mmm boys, how about I lay down and watch you undress."


"Of course."

They parted from me, giving me enough space to move over to the spatious bed. I sprawled myself across the soft sheets, watching as the brothers moved closer to one another, grinding their hips against each other. I settled to watch as Matthew pulled Nathan's tee off, tossing it to the floor and leaning down to lap at his skin. They wouldn't be the first brothers I'd seen together and I knew they wouldn't be my last either. Nathan pushed his brother away from him, but only so he could remove his twin's top. Once it was cast aside, their arms were wrapped around each other, lips attaching to each other.

Although I squirmed on the bed, and although I realised what I was seeing was so obviously fucking mad hot, my dick wasn't hard. Not even semi. What the shit was up with that? I but my lip and didn't say anything, hoping that it'd respond to them soon. They were still kissing when I returned my attention to them fully, though this time Matthew had his hand down Nathan's pants. The younger twin let out a soft moan, thrusting his hips against his brother's palm like the rampant whore he was. In response, he was pulling down Matthew's jeans, the denim easily sliding off his slender legs. Matthew stepped out of them, pushing them aside with his foot. He removed his hand from Nathan's crotch, mirroring his actions and pulling his pants down.

The twins were now essentially naked, their tented boxers the only thing clothing that remained on them. They seperated, both bending over in front of me to remove their footwear, their round asses on display as they did so. Even with their asses wiggling, my dick still wasn't rising. I slipped my hand into my pants, simulating touching myself as the boxers they were wearing were removed too. They straightened up slowly, turning to face each other and kiss again. Their hands were moving up and down each other's back occasionally cupping their asses. It was hot, real hot, but still nothing. Even as I saw their tongues wiggle around one another, their kiss now hot and open mouthed. Their hard cocks brushed against one another, the shiny tips leaving sticky smears on their skin. It amused me that their dicks were different despite their being twins. Matthew's was slimmer and a tad long, while Nathan's had noticeably more girth. I watched as their touched back firmer gropes and fingers disappeared up their near-matching clefts. Matthew's groan meant that he was the first to get penetrated by a finger, the middle digit sliding fully into his concealled pucker.

It was then that they both seperated lips, turning to look at me. "Someone's overdressed." Nathan whispered, a smirk gracing his lips after the words left his lips

"Yeah, that's a real problem Jimmy." Matthew added after a few moments, licking his lips lightly.

I swallowed as they both advanced upon me, deciding I was a better target then the other was. They each climbed on a different side of the bed starting to pull my clothes off. Nathan began by pulling my shoes off while Matthew tugged my fishnet tee off my body. I purred at the lose of clothing, Nathan shifting to remove my pants. I swallowed, his hand cupping my crotch when my flies were undone. "Hey!" He tugged my pants down, then my boxers, gazing at the soft cock between my legs. "You've not hard!"

Matthew looked down at my dick and blinked slightly in confusion. "You didn't cream yourself already did you?"

Nathan checked my boxers, frowning when he looked up at me. "Nope, no stains."

"What's the deal Jimmy?" Matthew whispered against me, a pout on his pretty little lips. "Don't we make you horny?"

"You do. It's just..." I couldn't get any more words out, not that I knew what I was going to say anyway, as Nathan rested his head on my thigh and began licking. I let out a soft sound that was a cross between a moan and a purr as he took my soft dick between his lips, his tongue circling and darting around my skin. I felt myself start to harden in his mouth thanking fuck that my body was starting to obey me. Nathan stroked my thighs, holding them down as I became more and more erect in his hot little mouth.

"Awesome." Matthew whispered against my ear and I looked down to note that Nathan was giving him a thumbs up. Matthew began kissing my neck lightly, letting out a soft groan when Nathan's middle finger enter his sweet ass again. I was so glad these two had been fucking since they were teenagers, it made everything that much easier. They shared one of those looks those freaky twin looks, one that meant they were communicating something silently. Sneaky bastards. Nathan retreated his finger from Matthew's ass, moving it down my body before thrusting it into my own passage. I groaned loudly, rocking my hips up against his mouth. I turned my head slightly, seeing that Matthew was sucking on his middle finger seductively. The pair of them should be doing porn, not be fucking playing onstage. After coating the digit in saliva, he retreated it from between his sweet lips. Before I knew what was happening, it entered me alongside Nathan's and both began wiggling inside me, working me open.

Several minutes went by, with Nathan sucking my dick and the pair of them thrusting their fingers in and out of me. Then they both stopped and looked at me, then each other again. After another silent stare, they began moving, switching places. Matthew spread my legs wide, hooking them over his shoulders. He lined himself up with my hol and in one fluid thrust, buried himself inside me fully, illiciting groans of pleasure from both of us. Nathan spent the first few thrusts laying to my side, just watching us fuck. After the fourth slam of Matthew's hips, the younger twin shifted so he was above my face. His ass lowered onto my face and I closed my eyes, extending my tongue to lick at his opening. I wiggled my tongue within him, hearing a low moan from him.

I felt, rather then saw, Matthew bend over me and swallow Nathan's cock. I moaned at the image that came to mind, wishing I could see. I reached around Nathan's waist, stroking his hips with one hand and running my fingertips through the other twin's hair. Nathan began moving up and down, burying his dick down his brother's throat while raising his ass from my face. Whenever his ass went high I took a deep breath and lapped at his cheeks lightly. I felt Matthew reach down and take my dick in hand stroking me as he began moving in earnest. I opened my eyes a little, inhaling Nathan's scent and shifting my hands again. I held onto his cheeks, prising them apart as best I could. This allowed me to better lap at his twitching opening, my soft tongue pressing inside his tight heat.

We all moved together, Matthew thrusting in and out of my ass and sucking his sibling's dick, his hand stroking my erection rapidly. Nathan moved up and down on my face, burying his cock down Matthew's throat on every upward motion. Out of the three of us, I was moving the least, using my tongue to ravish Nathan's ass, while clenching my own around the thrusting cock of Matthew. The three of us made soft moans of pleasure, each of us nearing climax.

I rutted up against Matthew's hand closing my eyes. I released a low moan, my hips bucking up hard as I came, the fluid landing over our bellies. "Fuck..." I breathed against Nathan's skin, incoherent moans leaving his mouth. I didn't care that he was probably close to, lavishing his rounded cheeks with kisses as I couldn't concentrate enough to stick my tongue back in there.

They both came together, at exactly the same moment, just as they'd done the first time we'd fucked. It's gotta be one of those fucking freaky twin things. Maybe I should write a song about that. I filed that thought away for later, watching as Nathan moved from my face to lay on my left side, while Matthew chose to lay against my right. I watched both as they licked at the cum from me, Nathan taking the cum that leaked from my ass while Matthew's tongue cleansed my chest. How the fuck did those two get to be so hot? I squirmed against the sheets, running a hand through the wilted spikes of my dark hair, panting softly. I smiled as they parted from me, kissing one another gently to share the seed.

"Hey, leave some for me!" Matthew chuckled and shuffled up the bed seperating from his brother and covering his lips with my own. He tasted of salty cum and mix of their saliva.
Tags: fic, jimmy urine, jimmy urine/matthew leone/nathan leone, madina lake, matthew leone, mindless self indulgence, nathan leone, slash
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