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Where there's no one we know

So I've not posted in awhile so... here's one.

On Monday we went to the garden centre, which was kinda nice. I don't get why they've put all the fluffy pets in a locked place though. You can't really see them which isn't nice. We got some jelly beans from the shop and I got a magic tree thing. It's basically a solution and a a paper tree and over a couple of hours it grows crystals. It's so pretty! Mikey took pictures over the night, so I'll get em posted soon.

After that we went to Tesco. Mikey got one of the sonic Wii games (the one where he turns intoo a werewolf thingy) and I got him the Sonic DS game cause it was cheap. I also got an Asajj Ventress figure (yay!) so now I have two Clone Wars figs (that and IG-86 which is hopeless at standing). I only got em cause they're £6 which is cheaper then anywhere else. I might get another soon. I hope the offer sticks and doesn't go up (like it did at the last minute for tose Doctor Who figs).

I finally got through to mum last night. Yeah it's only took me a week of trying to get through. Things seem to be ok. She's still going away this weekend which, if things hadn't fucked up would've meant me having Claire over for a few days. But she's coming here instead. Eeep!

Yay for Fightstar being added to Download.

I'm working on finishing the Leone twins/Jimmy fic. I only properly started it last night after having the idea in my head for a few days. Hopefully it'll be done tonight.

I probably won't be on tonight, since we're gonna try and do the Clone Wars run at last. I thought it'd only be from the Kit ep onwards, but Mikey wants to do a full one from the start so...

I've still not sorted out the comp (cause I suck like that) or have done the icons I've meant to do (again, cause I suck like that). Sigh.

My sheep still needs a name. Hmm.

I slept in the media room last night, wiht the intention of being up earlier to mess about on the Wii AC and get rid of all the fruit (which needs to be gone before Sunday causa the bunny turns up) but I fail and didn't. And also to get fic finished.

Anyway, I'll be back on that now. Maybe I'll do icons later.

Oh and cuteness!
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