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Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Femmeslash, BDSM, rubber, fisting
Notes: Sequel to The Start Of Something Beautiful, The Second Time and Straps. This has taken awhile to do, but it's done now so yay! There's at least two more sequels planned roughly in my head (although any suggestions would be considered). The next fic I'll be doing is Jimmy and the twins.

I groaned softy as I felt Jay's tongue enter me, awakening me from my slumber. I rolled my hips up, her hands grasping my thighs and holding them down. She slipped her tongue out, shifting back a little bit, her soft muscle lapping at my clit. I clutched onto the bedsheets, my fingers digging into the soft material. Her fingers stroked my soft skin gently, while her tongue dived back between my folds. I moaned loudly and rested my head back, feeling my wetness cover her lips and chin. I groaned loudly my hips bucking up hard as I came, soaking her tongue even more.

"Morning." She grinned up at me when she moved away for the last time. Her face looked so beautiful, all slick and wet with my juices and sweat.

I panted softly, reaching up and pushing a lock of hair from my eyes. "Mmm. I wish I could wake up every morning like that."

She chuckled as she slid up beside me, gently licking my shoulder. "It'd lose impact then." I squirmed a little as he fingers began doing small circles on my belly.

"I guess so." I nodded slightly in agreement, my cunt still tingling a little. I stretched out against the bed, stroking her tits with both hands. "But it was still amazing."

"Mmmm." She nodded in agreement, kissing the skin just below my armpit. "It was, sweet tits." She watched me intently, licking my body lightly. "So, got any plans for the day?" I shook my head, thankful that today was a Saturday, so I had fuck all to do apart from whatever she had in mind for the day. I'd made sure today was free just so I could spend it with her. "Excellent." She leaned in close to my ear, scratching at my belly. "Go piss if you need to."

I scrambled out of bed and went straight to the toilet, curious as to why she'd told me to. When I returned, there was no sign as to why she had. She patted the bed beside her, indicating for me to return to the space I'd occupied. I lay back in the space, watching her with great curiosity. "Close your eyes." I let my eyelids flutter closed, feeling her move around next to me. She tugged both of my hands above my head, cuffing them to the headboard. I wiggled my wrists to test them, but they both held firm. She stroked her fingertips over my chest, but I kept my eyes closed, waiting for her to say to open them. When her fingers left me, I felt something envelope my head. Whatever it was, it surrounded my head completely and heated my skin. "How do you feel?"

"Hot..." I whispered, I small opening above my mouth allowing the sound to escape.

"You can open your eyes if you want." I nodded slightly and let my eyelids flutter open, finding myself gazing through dark tinted lenses. I felt the sweat drip off me, making my hair stick to my skin as well as my hood. "Do you want it off?" I heard her ask after a few moments, having clearly given me time to adjust to it. I considered it, then shook my head as best I could. It didn't feel that bad really, just warm and restrictive. The feeling sent tingles to my crotch. "Good." Her fingers trailed down my body, stopping to pinch at my large, hard nipples. She resumed her path down my body, stopping again just above my crotch. Her fingertips trailed over my cunt, making me tingle again. She thrust her fingers into me, the pair of them wiggling inside me. I moaned softly, the digits instantly curving into me. "So hot and wet, despite having just cum minutes ago."

She began to thrust her fingers steadily, moving her fingers to open me up. I bucked my hips up aginst her, the pair of fingers soon joined by a third. I groaned louder, the trio of fingers stretching and wiggling inside the soft flesh. My eyes lidded behind the hood, her other hand reaching up to caress my breasts. They moved faster within me, my wetness coating them and making her movements more slick. "I think you can take more." She pushed her hand forward, her pinky joining her other fingers within me.

"Ugh... fuck." I barely even managed those words as she moved them harder within me. She tucked her thumb against her palm, pushing her whole hand into me. I groaned loudly, feeling a slight pang of pain as she did so, but that was gone in seconds. She wiggled her fingers into me, slowly circling her wrist at the same time. I let out soft, little sounds of pleasure at the feeling of beng so filled.

"Mmmm, such a little slut." She shifted her wrist out slightly, before thrusting it back inside me. "So nice and wet. And so wide." She licked my shoulder blade, increasing the speed of her movements at the same time. "So good for my fist." All her fingers moved within my pulsing cunt, making me babble incoherently. Her head moved from my neck, her tongue lapping at my nearest armpit. She seemed to be quite fond of doing that. It tickled me slightly, making me squirm more on the bed. She shifted her mouth from my pit after a few more moments, kissing a slow path down my side. Her fingers still jerked slightly within me, causing me to squirm and shift on the sheets. They only began moving in earnest when, she began lapping at my clit. I gasped behind the hood, rolling my hips up hard against her hand. I'd never felt anything like this before and I didn't want her to stop even though I knew I couldn't possibly last. She sucked my clit between her sweet lips, her tongue dancing around the sensitive flesh. I rolled my hips up one last time, groaning her name loudly as I came around her fist.

I felt it slide out of me as I panted, and I heard her lick the fluid off it. I took several deep breathes, hearing her purr at my taste. I tried to watch her, but the lenses were too dark to see her. I felt her sit on my belly and heard the slick movement of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. I wanted so badly to touch, to taste, but all I could do is hear and smell her. I whimpered, hating that she was teasing me this way. I shifted my head to look in her direction, but still couldn't see any better. Her moans were loud, obviously exaggerated for my benefit. Each sound of pleasure she made was met with a sound of desperation from my own lips. Her hips rocked between my belly and her fingers the movement becoming faster each passing moment. "Fuck, you're so hot..." A few more minutes passed and then she let out an even louder sound then before, but this one wasn't forced. I felt some of her wetness land against my skin, then her hands tugging the rubber of the hood of my face. She grinned down at me, shoving her fingers into my mouth to be cleaned, which I did so gladly. After all, I could never get enough of her taste.

While I did that, she released me from my bonds and set the hood on the bedside table. When she removed her fingers from my mouth, she rolled onto her back and fumbled for her cigarettes again. "Mmm that was hot sweet tits, did you like that?"

"Fuck yeah." I said with a smile, licking my lips as she took a long drag. "I never thought I'd like something like that."

"They never do." She chuckled and nodded, implying that she'd done this to girls before. Of course she had, she'd couldn't have had all this stuff without using it on someone before me. Leaning over, she kissed my neck lightly and smiled up at me. "I'll have to see exactly how far I can go with you?" I nodded in a daze, wondering exactly how much further she could take this. I just knew I wanted to experience whatever she'd want to throw at me, no matter what it was.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith, panic! at the disco
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