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But at least I've got my soul

I spent most of yesterday in bed, cause I had a bad headache. It pretty much went away, but now it's back. Sigh.

We went to Tesco Thursday and I got a figure of an IG-86 assasin droid cause it's awesome.

Today we went to Homebase, but the whole thing turned out to be pointless, cept for Mcdonalds.

I'm sad that Derwin's left my AC DS. He was so cute.:(

After listening to the new Madina album, I can see it's pretty much awesome. It's overall better then the first I think. I've not decided which songs I like best at the moment. It'll take a few more listens to decide. I think.

I was gonna finish off the next girl!Spencer/girl!Jay fic today but I doubt I will causa head. I'll see what happens.

I got a random idea for Jimmy/twins, which I've noted to do when I feel a bit betters.

Mostly for fruityahren, here's some mini primers before I go (which is mostly jsut pictures). (There was gonna be FOB, Tokio Hotel, The Used and Lostprophets, but I got lazy and hurty).

Bullet For My Valentine

Main primer
L-r: Padge (guitar), Jay James (bass/screaming), Matt Tuck (vocals, guitar), Moose (drums)
Info: Metal band. From Wales.
Other associated people: Their unamed roadie/tech, the unamed werewolf from Waking The Demon


L-r: Omar Abidi (drums), Charlie Simpson (vocals, guitar, piano), Dan Haigh (guitar), Alex Westaway (guitar, vocals)
Info: From England. Charlie was in Busted.
Other associated people: a href=>Will Simpson (Charlie's brother)/a> from Brigade

Madina Lake

Main primer
L-R: Nathan Leone (vocals), Dan Torelli (drums), Matthew Leone (bass), Mateo Camargo (guitar)
Info: From Chicago. The twin were in The Black Theory and Mateo and Dan were in Reforma. Twins were on (and won) Fear Factor.

Mindless Self Indulgence

L-R: Steve Righ? (guitar), Jimmy Urine (vocals/insanity)
Info: Jimmy's insane and a perv, not shown are the girls

My Chemical Romance

L-r: Mikey Way (bass), Ray Toro (guitar), Bob Bryar (drums), Gerard Way (vocals), Frankie Iero (guitar)
Info: There's nothing I could say that's not knmown so...
Associated people: Matt Cortez (guitar tech), Worm (security), Brian Schechter (manager), James Dewees (keyboardist), Leathermouth (Frankie's band)

Panic! At The Disco

L-r: Ryan Ross (guitar, vocals), Jon Walker (bass), Brendon Urie (vocals, guitar, piano), Spencer Smith (drums)
Info: From Las Vegas
Associated people: Brent Wilson (ex-bassist), Zack Hall (security)

The Blackout

Main primer
L-r: James Davies (guitar), Rhys Lewis (bass), Gavin Butler (vocals), Gareth Lawerence (drums), Matthew Davies (guitar), Sean Smith (vocals)
Info: From Wales, although they have the same last name, I don't think James and Matthew are related. Sean's a whore and kisses every guy he meets.
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