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Payback's A Bitch

Payback's A Bitch
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Watersports, humiliation, bondage, cross-dressing.

I stood onstage, playing bass and occasionally screaming. I looked over the fans, smiling at them all. Even now, I was still overwhelmed by all the fans that actually paid to come and see us. To me, it was amazing that people all around the world liked our music. We all felt it to various degrees, but I felt it most onstage. We were about halfway through our set, when I started to feel something strange. There was a warmth around my crotch, which was spreading rapidly behind my bass. I felt my cheeks flush as I realised exactly what was happening to me.

I was pissing myself, right onstage in front of all these fans. I was glad I was away from the mic when I realised. "Shit, shit, shit." I muttered under my breath, but managed to force myself to keep playing. I tried to make the flow subside, but my body refused to do so. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, screaming my words out even as I felt the fluid glide down my legs. I felt some of it drip into my trainers, making my cheeks redden more. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Padge laughing and I prayed it wasn't at my expense.

Matt was just smirking whenever he looked my way.


I kept my bass close to me as I walked off stage, not wanting anyone to see the massive wet patch that surrounded my crotch. I was practically running in the direction of the tour bus, wanting to change before I got noticed. However, before I could even get out of the building I felt a hand clutch my arm. "Where are you going?" I turned slightly at Padge's voice, making sure to keep the bass in place.

"To the bus." I replied simply, hoping he wouldn't want anymore then that.

"Nah, I don't think so." His grip on my arm tightening slightly and he turned me to face him. He was licking his lips, slightly, his eyes gazing over me until they rested on my groin. With his other hand, he moved the bass away from my body to expose the wet patch. In the harsher light of the corridor, it looked even larger then I'd expected it to be. "Looks like someone pissed their pants." My cheeks flushed even more at his words, hating that he now saw me like this. "That's the real reason you wanna get to the bus isn't it, to hide that from us?" I squirmed slightly, knowing that his words were of course true.

"Let me go Padge so I can..." I gasped to myself, feeling more of my piss leak out of me. Again, I tried to stop it, feeling all the more embaressed at my loss of control as this time I knew I was being watched.

He chuckled, removing my bass from me and settling it down against the wall. "See, you can't even hold it in to get to the bus." He pushed me against the wall, reaching down and smirking as he rubbed my soaked crotch. "Maybe we should put you in a nappy for the next show, just to make sure you don't have an accident."

"Padge, please..." I felt the fluid roll down my legs again, knowing it was leaving wet streaks down my three quarter lengths. "Please just let me go..."

"I don't think so." He gripped my arm again, tugging me in the direction of a nearby door. What was beyond it, I didn't know, since I hadn't been to this venue before today. He pushed the door open with his other hand, letting me see inside before pushing me in. Inside, we weren't alone. Both Moose and Matt were waiting for us, though how they'd got there before we had I was unsure. "Here he is." Padge manhandled me into the room, pushing me towards them. "And look, he's wetting himself even now."

I heard them laugh at me, gazing at the floor in shame. "Least it's worked." I looked up at Matt, wondering exactly what he meant by that. "Come now Jay, you didn't think you were doing that yourself did you?" Padge yanked my arms behind me, securing my wrists together behind me. I glared at him, realising that he must have done something to me. I swallowed, feeling the flow start to subside at last.

"Why are you doing this?" I whispered softly as Matt ran a hand down my clothed chest, shivering slightly at his touch.

"Remember last week?" I bit my lower lip as I recalled what had happened. I'd found Matt's panties, which he wore for most gigs. When he wore them, it made him look like he had no bulge by pressing his cock and balls down. For some reason, he seemed to like that, though I didn't quite understand why. That night, I took the underwear from him, hiding it away under the pillow of the bunk until after the gig after showing it to the others. Matt had vowed that he'd pay me back for it, though I hadn't expected anything to come from it. When my eyes widened in realisation, he chuckled, licking his lips lightly. "There you go. I said I'd get you back."

"This doesn't fucking compare Matt!" I glared at him, struggling slightly against the bonds Padge had restrained me with. "No way does it!"

"Yeah, you're right Jay." He spoke up again, tapping his chin lightly. "I think you need more." My eyes widened and, despite my situation, I felt my cock stir in my sodden underwear. He yanked at my three quarters lengths, tugging them down my legs easily. They fell to the floor, where they pooled around my ankles. "Look at yourself Jay, look how much piss you've made." I gazed down, seeing my underwear stick to my dick and balls. "And look, it's made you hard. You disgusting little thing." I growled low in my throat, like I did onstage, but he wasn't intimidated. After all, I was bound and he was the one in contol. I did consider raising my knee up to kick him in the balls, but knew it wouldn't get me anywhere. If anything, that would just piss him off more and make my situation worse. He grabbed my bulge, rubbing my wet genitals thriugh my underwear. I shifted slightly into his hand, my hard cock twitching against his fingers. "Well, if pissing yourself makes you hard, I know just what to do." He yanked my boxers down my legs and lifted my feet up so I was fully out of them. He gripped the dark material between his slender fingers and raised it up from the floor. He gazed down into my eyes as he bought the material up to my face. I guessed I should have expected what he did next, stuffing part of it in my mouth and covering my nose with the rest.

"There, better." He laughed as I was forced to inhale my scent, my cock twitching. After a few seconds, I tried to spit it out, but it was too late. One of the others had wrapped a belt around my head, using it to secure the makeshift gag in place. I whimpered behind it, squirming more but still not getting anywhere. Padge's hands still held onto me, though they were on my sides now as opposed to my arms. Moose was somewhere out of sight, though when I tried to look, Matt gripped the sides of my head and kept my gaze on him.

"What'll we do to him now?" Padge muttered from behind me, his fingers digging into my clothed sides. His hips pushed against my arse and I could feel his hard-on underneath the clothing. It was obvious what he'd do if he had his way, though it seemed Matt was in control of this situation. It was strange to me, since he rarely had control out all in normal circumstances, let alone in the bedroom. I swallowed slightly, watching Matt's face as he considered what he could do to me.

"Now, we wait till the bitch goes again and make him drink it." My eyes darted in the direction the voice came from, but I still couldn't see Moose.

"I like that idea." Matt nodded with a smirk and shifted back to allow Moose to enter my line of sight again. Moose smirked at me, lifting up a long, clear, plastic tube. Where he had got it from I did not know, but he was a kinky fucker, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had it before now. He pushed it over the dick, the tube feeling strange around my cock. I'd expected him to make me piss into a glass or bowl and make me drink from that, not like this. He looked into my eyes, running his hand over my belly.

"You'd better start pissing quick slut." He growled, pressing his palm into my stomach hard. Padge's fingers were off my side, undoing his fly and pulling out his large cock, the shaft pressing against my cleft as soon as it was released. I let out a soft whimper, feeling my cock begin to shrink as the need to piss increased again. I let out another pitiful little sound, watching as the golden fluid left my cock and started to flood the tube. "Good boy." He opened up the boxers a little, pushing the other end of the tube in my mouth. "Flip him around." I felt Padge nod against the back of my head, lifting me off the floor and turning me in his arms so I was upside down. He nudged the top of my back with his toes, making head tilt against the floor, probably so I was able to swallow. I watched the fluid flood the tube, quickly making it's way down to my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow my piss as it filled my mouth, hearing the others jeer and laugh at the sight. I closed my eyes and swallowed everything my dick produced. Padge's strong arms held me in place, while his tongue trailed along my ankle.

I heard faint moans and, when I opened my eyes, I saw that Matt and Moose were both stroking their cocks while watching me drink my own piss. From my position, I saw their balls sway, their cocks throbbing with arousal. It was both unusual and hot, my own dick jerking hard despite the piss still coming out the tip. When it finally subsided, Moose released his dick long enough to pull the tube off my stiffening dick. I small nod to Padge and I was sprawled over the floor, the other end pulled out of my mouth. Padge's fingers were up my arse, thrusting them in and out of me. I wasn't a virgin by any means, but the intrusion still hurt a little. He moved his fingers in and out, wiggling them to spread me open wide.

He didn't wait that long, pulling them both out of me after a few moments. His dick replaced them, the head breaching my hole so soon after the fingers left me I didn't have time to fully register the loss. I cried behind my boxers, his hands holding my sides as he began fucking my arse hard. Matt and Moose were still stroking themselves, only above my head now. Their cocks looked beautiful and I longed to tongue them both, but the boxers prevented any such action. I whimpered in disappointment at that, concentrating on the one cock I could please. I rocked my ass back against Padge, clenching my hole around his large dick. Padge moaned above me loudly, his hips slamming against my cheeks hard. He was always quite vocal during sex, becoming louder as he neared orgasm. He didn't sound there yet, but he was getting pretty close.

Moose came first, shooting over my face, but most of it landed in my dark hair. "Filthy slut." He growled above me, wiping his leaking dick head across my cheek. "You look so hot like that." He ruffled my hair and stepped away, leaving Matt to grip my face and force me to look at him. I kept contracting my hole around his dick, each squeeze making him moan louder above me. Matt's hand worked fast along his slim shaft, the tip shiny. I was curious as to which of them would cum first, but I was desperate to get off myself. Padge wasn't interested in touching me and since my hands were bound, I knew I couldn't. I tried rutting against the floor, but it didn't provide me with the right friction I needed. I growled behind my boxers, qiahing Padge would just cum and release me so I could wank.

However, Padge wasn't the next to cum. That was Matt, who shot over my face, the majority landing on my forehead and eyelids, making them stick down. I heard him laugh above me petting my shoulder gently. "So hot. I'll leave you in Padge's capable hands, we're going out to meet fans." I heard both of them zip up and leave, my eyes opening slowly.

Padge was close, I could tell that from the way he moaned behind me. He slapped my ass hard with one hand, the other holding onto me tightly for balance. "Fuck!" I could only understand that word, the rest lost in the incoherency of his voice. I felt him spasm inside me as he climaxed, filling me at last with his cum. He panted heavily, stroking my back lightly with both hands. "Fuck guys you should... hey, where'd they go?" I rolled my eyes at his words. I should have guessed he wasn't paying any attention. He never did. He removed the belt that held the gag in my mouth and I spit it out as soon as it was free.

"They've gone to see fans you dumb fuck!" I growled as soon as he released my hands knowing if I spoke too soon he wouldn't bother freeing me. I reached down to grab my cock desperate now to just wank until I came.

"Nu uh." He grabbed my hand pulling me to my feet and pushing my three quarter lengths back up. "We better head out too." He flashed me a grin that told me I should have kept my mouth shut and he roughly pulled me out into the corridor. Bastard.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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