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I can't go outside, I have a blood disease

Nugh! Pretty!

I've been up awhile, but most of it's been spent curled up. Since most of my thoughts are disjointed, this is a disjointed psot.

I has Madina Lake on! Hurrah! What I've heard so far is pretty good. I've not heard it all yet.

I slept in the media room last night. I was gonna go on AC when I woke, but I can't be bothered yet. I'll probably do it tonight instead.

Does last.fm have a thing for mp3's? I know it has an i-pod one, but I want one for none pods.

Umbrella Academy came! Huzzah! I feel so late to the party. I was starting to get tetchy about it, but it's turned up. I've just finished reading it (not just just of course, before I started this post).

*Seance with a kid? It looks cute but seriously... how? Perhaps it's adopted (It's amusing that Space doubts it)
*Yay for a him coming up with a strip club (and his comment about it)
*Did his hole heal up? I wonder if he used it before hand.
*Obviously, the time travel fucks up. Because time travel in general fucks up. Still, it's a pretty big gap.
*Does Space liking Rumour count as incest?
*Yay for Kraken kicking ass, though he looks strange (I wonder if there's a reason his codename's Serpent)
*Vietnam's strange
*5's dog's so cute

I want the next one now!

I'm off now to write, hopefully to post later on. After these do I may end up doing an Omar one. Or a scat or gore fic.

When Mikey wakes, we'll be off to get money and we'll pop into Tesco.
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