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Please stop sinning while I'm singing

I've had a strange day. Well, it hasn't been that eventful really. I've tried to multitask with writing, but it took awhile to get into it (and Mikey put on The Dark Knight so that semi-distracted me). When I did get into it, Mikey yoinked the laptop and I've not felt like looking again so I will soon. I'd hoped to get one done tonight but that seems unlikely now.

Both involve Jay, though one is girl!Jay and the the other's normal Jay and is for the chokemyfiction thing (I also managed to work in the Matt wearing panties thing too). The latter's the one I reckon'll be done first.

Mikey's out tomorrow, so I'll be online to pester whoever's on.

I skimmed through Mikey's Kerrang. Patrick looks adorable and the twins look strange. I'm currently downloading a leak of the album.

We watched a download of last nights Heroes ep after I had a nap. Mmm, Sylar on Sylar action. He totally fucked the corpse of the shapeshifter guy. I wish that Danko guy would just die already.

We then watched Repo!, which just finished. It's a very... strange film. It's good (though I wish that Graverobber dude had been in it more, he was hot). There's something oddly hot and kinky about Giles killing. It's so weird. Like Mikey, I liked Mag's dresses. It's such a strange film really, but it's good strange. I'm curious if anyone's done a fic version (not that I'd write it, but I'd read it).

I'm gonna go now and see if I can sort Mikey's ants (then write the rest of fic).

Bon soir!
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