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About That

About That
Pairing: Moose/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: Bondage, toys
Notes: Done mostly cause of the gig yesterday. And for Mikeysaur, mostly for the layout.

"What are you doing here?" I narrowed my eyes at the bleached blonde boy before me. Technically, he shouldn't be here at all, since his band was off the bill, yet he still had a VIP pass dangling around his neck. He bounced from one foot to the other while flashing me a grin.

"I'm here to come on stage." His grin seemed to widen a little, and he flicked his head so his fringe swished out of his eyes. "As surprise guest vocals."

I frowned slightly, not liking the idea one bit. No doubt he'd find someway to piss someone off or cause trouble cause of being unofficially kicked off. He probably didn't appeciate, or even realise, that we'd tried to keep them on. Us Welsh boys had to stick together after all. I sighed inwardly and tried to think of a way to keep the boy out of trouble. It would have to be a way to keep him out of the way for the entire night, not just our part. Suddenly, it hit me and it was so fucking obvious. "That's great Sean, how about you come to our dressing room and have a drink. For luck."

"But I don't dr... oh, sure." After a knowing look from me, he got the point.


The dressing room was empty. It was no surprise really, since I knew Matt and Padge were off 'soundchecking' or 'hanging out' with Fightstar and Jay was spending some time with his some time with his kid somewhere. I was sure he'd said something about taking her to a museum, but what fun could she have there. Regardless, we were alone. "The others won't be back fo awhile, so there's no need to lock up." He nodded in response, his eyes sparkling. I doubted he'd want the place locking up anyway. "So we've got plent..." I groaned as he lunged at me, pinning me to the wall as he kissed me. The kiss was a mix of sloppy desperation and unrestrained lust. I glared at him, but returned the kiss anyway. The more needy he was, the easier he'd be to trick. However, for that to work, I'd need to be the one topping him. I shifted in his grip, managing to flip him round so our positions were reversed surprisingly easily. He didn't seem to mind, pushing his hips flush against my own and letting out an exaggerated moan. He really was a little whore. I held onto his sides, smirking at him. "How about you get naked for me?" I whispered hotly against his face, feeling his hard cock press against me. When the younger man nodded wildly, I stepped away to allow him to do so.

I'd half-expected him to put on a show, but he seemed far too eager to get off. All his clothing was on the floor within two minutes.

He looked so pretty really. He had a nice body, neither skinny nor fat, but a healthy medium. His blonde hair wasn't just limited to his head, with the hairs on his crotch dyed the same shade blonde. I guess I should've expected that really. He had a rather nice-sized cock a tad longer than my own, but noticeably thinner. His balls hung low between his legs, the sac clearly full with his cum. I ran my hand over the tattooed words over his belly. "You look pretty good."

"Thanks." Although his cheeks flushed a little, it was obvious he was used to such comments. He probably got told such things all the time. Actually, scratch the probably.

"How about you bend over the sofa?" He did so in a heartbeat, bending across the sofa's arm and thrusting his ass high into the air. "Slut." I muttered under my breath. It had to be a frontman thing, I was sure. I crossed the room, going past him and pulling out a large, black bag. The bag had started out as Padge's, but had since became a band one. Within, there were all kinds of toys. Dildos, butt plugs, all kinds of shit like that. I pulled out a ball gag, cock ring, some lube, length of rope, a butt plug and small harness for it. I set them all beside the sofa, smirking down at him as he rutted against the fabric. "Hands behind you." He did so quickly, pressing them together against the small of his back. Taking the rope, I bound his wrists together, wrapping the last of it around his waist, tying it in a knot against his stomach. I took the cock ring in hand, snapping that around the base of his throbbing dick. I couldn't help but chuckle at the whimpery moan he made.

I squirted the lube over my fingers, pressing the slick digits against his twitching pucker. I circled the opening slowly, watching as his body relaxed a bit more from my touch. I thrust my middle finger into him, making him groan at the intrusion. I wiggled it within him, smirking as it just made him jerk more against the sofa's arm. I removed my finger, then pressed my ring finger against the middle one, pushing both of them back into his warm body. I moved both of them inside him, both spreading and curving them alternately. I seeked his spot with my fingertips, jabbing them against his insides during my search. His hips jerked when I did find it, a moan escaping his pretty lips.

"Come on, fuck me already." He moaned desperately, thrusting his ass back towards me. "I know you want it."

I shrugged slightly, knowing I couldn't deny it. There was no point teasing him much more if he felt ready. I yanked my fingers out of him and undid my three quarter lengths, pulling out my erect cock. I lined my erection up with his entrance, gripping onto the sofa either side of him when I thrust into him. He let out a low yelp of pain though he didn't even try to wiggle away from me, instead pressing his ass back against me. He felt tight around my cock, probably not used to being fucked. I began jerking my hips back, slamming into him rough and hard to make sure he wouldn't be walking straight for days. He kept moaning as I hit his spot with my cock head. He certainly wasn't a quiet fuck. I licked my lips, slapping his ass while I slammed into him. I kept my movements as erratic as possible, not wanting to set a specific pace for him. He jerked his hips against the sofa, rutting against it again despite the ring which strangled his cock denying him the chance to cum.

I chuckled, moving my hands to his back and scratching down his skin. He moaned again, seeming to like it, so I repeated the action a few more times, ending each scratch with a hard slap to his ass. He squirmed against the rope, clearly wishing he could touch me or himself. Each thrust I made within him was hard and rough, his inner muscles squeezing tight around me. He wiggled under me, panting heavily. "Fuck... Moose, let me..."

"No." I growled as I rammed into him, surpressing my own moan of pleasure as he tried to milk me. "I'm neither touching you, untying you or taking off that ring. Now be a good bitch and shut the hell up." His body wiggled below me more his ass squeezing around me almost vice-like. Both of his hands were wiggling against the rope that held him. I spat on his back, aiming the saliva for the top of his scratches. I watched the clear fluid run down the red marks, slamming harder into his prone body. He groaned loudly, his pretty body jerking under me.

And then, just as I felt myself approaching orgasm, I pulled out of him. "No... don't st..."

"I told you to shut up!" I growled again, slapping his ass harder then before, smirking to myself as he yet out a yelp. "Now be a good boy." I moved around his body, gripping his hair and yanking him off the sofa by it. He moaned again as he fell to the floor, but I managed to manuveur him into a position so he was on his knees in front of me. Taking my cock in hand, I began to stroke it at a rapid pace. The others often joked that I was a wank machine, since I'd often spend days off jerking myself. My current best was 18, though it made my cock sore for the few days after that. Sean opened his mouth as wide as I could, clearly expecting me to shove my dick in there. I'd never been too fussed by blow jobs. Most people that sucked dick seemed to do a shitty job at it, so I just stayed away from that whole thing unless I knew they could do a good job. Like Jay. I stroked myself at a rapid pace, thrusting my hips forward every few seconds. A small amount of fluid leaked out of my head and dripped onto his face, leaving sticky smears wherever they landed.

My body arched forwards as I climaxed, the cloudy spurts landing across his face. Only the last of it dribbled into his open mouth. I smiled, wiping the tip over his pretty lips. I petted his head gently, stroking his hair lightly. "Good boy." I panted and stepped away, smirking down at him. I took a step back from him, bending down and lifting up the gag. I stuffed the black rubber ball into his mouth after he licked his lips, securing the straps behind his head. "Now, about that performance of yours." I smiled down at him, pulling on the rest of the rope and securing his ankles to it as well. Now he couldn't stand up, much less move. I lifted up the plug, pushing it up his ass and securing it in place with the harness before speaking up again. "You won't be doing it." His eyes widened and he struggled, but the ropes held him quite securely. "You won't be going anywhere." I licked my lips and pushed him away, until he was under the make up table. "This is where you'll stay." He glared at me, a mix of anger and annoyance clear in those brown eyes of his.

I petted his blonde locks and zipped myself up, turning around and leaving him where he was. I'd have to make sure the others would know they could use him over tonight.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, moose, moose/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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