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Watch the blood flow

Last night we watched a film called Bug. Well, the first hour anyway cause it was so fucking boring. The trailer made it seem so much better. We ended up watching Futurama instead.

We watched Skins the other night, which was sorta good (cause Freddie was wanking and JJ was abdass) but not brilliant.

Claire being here's been nice. She's cuddly and gave us Green Day notebooks.

Tonight was nice too.

Today was the gig. You can split today in two: pre-gig (which was iffy) and gig.

Pre-gig was alright to start with. I had a nice lay in bed and then we had a cookiee at the station. We got the train cheap causa Claire's card. Yay! The trains were annoying as always really. We ended up going to Camden, but didn't spend too long there (especially when I found out Anita was gonna be somewhere there, which made me paranoid). On the train, we had a relgious freak do a cross thing at us and a stupid dude was standing too near the train for like 2 minutes. Apparently, before the gig, Jay turned up and was with his daughter.

When we got off at Knightsbridge we went the wrong way (though that was sorta good since we went to Mcdonalds). It started to rain when we got to the venue... then hail. Bah. Stupidly, I went to find that comic book place. I spent ages walking and got really tired and soaked (without music cause it died beforehand), but found the place. However, it was an exchange place, so didn't have it anyway. Fuck. Mikey's sorting out ordering it online now thankfully.

I walked through Hyde Park, which woulda been nice if it wasn't so tiring. Coots were fighting on the round pond, which was amusing.

So I rejoined Mikey at the line and waited to get inside. After waiting awhile, we were allowed in. It's a pretty nice place, though there was next to no merch. We got free stuff though. We ended up near the back during the gig.

Christian and Loz from Kerrang radio did intros (which were amusing, especially Bullet's when one dressed up in capes).

First, there was In Case Of Fire. They were alright, but not great. As Mikey said, the singer was obviously nervous as hell, which really effected their performance.

Second, there was Fightstar. As always, they were pretty good. I found myself singing along loud. The circle pit started properly with them (which lasted most of the show and took up most of the stage). They all looked pretty good (Dan looked like a lion again). The best thing was that at the end of the last song, Charlie was ready to play another... then realised they'd overun. Silly boy.

Last were Bullet. Their set was three times the length of the others. Obviously, they were the best of the three. They were awesome! They got a boy onstage (called Rory, who looked like Matt) to sing Hand Of Blood. I'm sure Jay was checking him out. Moose made silly faces for the camera (what it's being filmed for, I dunno). Moose looked damn good though. Padge and Jay got close and had synchronised movements. Jay was always on lightboxes and kept fisting air. Matt and Jay got close too. Jay's a dirty little whore. And yeah, I sang too. Thankfully no one heard though. I had security guards in front of me, which kept me safe from the ma circle pit.

JAY SANG! AND HE SPOKE! Yay! He was so cute! I love him so much. He looked absolutely goregous (yeah, my eyes were on him pretty much the entire time they were onstage). I'm so glad the filming camera got shots of him (and Padge too) as well as Matt.

Can I has Bullet porn now? Please? I want it so fucking badly now.

Mikey expected Sean to bounce onstage (which he didn't) so I'm covering that in a fic I'm working on (which is actual slash, hurray, though there'll be more femmeslash).

Since I got no merch (inside or out) I've money for Moday which is good.

Mikey got Rock Sound. Shannon looks the best in 30 Seconds now.

I listened to Deathstars a bit earlier and I didn't expected the singing to be so deep. I liked what I heard.

Now I'm gonna eat doritos and maybe write more while watching... something.
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