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Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Strap-on, corset, gagging.
Notes: Sequel to The Start Of Something Beautiful and The Second Time. I know I said I'd do slash but this came to easily. This is what Jay's wearing.
Dedications: fruityahren, I hope this kills you.

"So does this mean you're dating?" I rolled my eyes at Ryan's question, sliding the black dress on that he'd called 'fabulous'.

Once I'd pulled it up my body, I turned my head around to face him and decided to reply. "I'm not sure if we are. I think she sees it as sex for now, which doesn't bother me cause it's fucking fantastic." I flashed him agrin, then sat in front of my mirror and began doing my make up. I'd like to date her, but right now I was scared to ask her and I didn't want to lose her so soon. I also knew if we actually wre dating, Ryan would want to meet her and I wasn't sure if I was ready to inflict him on her.

"Yeah, sex is pretty good." I heard her press some buttons, but just assumed he was messing with his phone. "Oh is this her? She looks quite pretty."

I glanced in the mirror, noting how he was actually messing with mine. "Ryan!"

"Oh, you have more..." His fingers moved over the buttons, then his eyes widened and he tossed it onto my bed. "Eww! Pussy alert! Ewww!"

I chuckled and turned back on my chair, grinning at him as I snatched my phone back. "That'll teach you for messing with my phone."

He still looked a little disturbed when I kissed his forehead and left the room to head back to Jay.


"You look hot." She mumbled against my lips, her hands stroking my sides. She'd kissed me as soon as I'd entered her house, which seemed to be a common thing with her, not that I'd complain. I ran my own hands down her bare back, smiling as she shivered under my touch. "Stay here." She smiled as she pulled away from me running a hand over my chest as she went upstairs wiggling her hips along the way. I sighed softly, leaning against the wall and reaching under the dress, tugging my underwear down. I'd only bothered wearing it so I didn't disturb Ryan while asking him what to wear. I leaned against the wall, wondering what she had in mind exactly.

While I waited, I peeked into her living room. I'd never seen it before, having spent most of my time here in her room, even in the morning's after. The room was pretty much like my own, although the colour scheme was black and red while my own was black and purple thanks to Ryan. The long, dark sofa was facing the small tv and a trail of smoke was coming from the ashtray on the coffee table. The room had another open doorway, which I could see led to the kitchen. I stopped looking inside when I heard footsteps from upstairs, turning up to face her as she came down the stairs. "Fuck..."

She'd put some clothes on, which I'd consider a bad thing under normal circumstances but what she wear now was so fucking hot. She wore a pair of black fishnet tights and spiked heels the same height as the ones she wore a few nights previously. Protruding from her crotch was the black dildo of a strap-on which was roughly 6 inches long. The strap-on wasn't a normal one, instead it was attached to the base of a red and black, PVC corset which covered the lower half of her torso. "You look amazing." I whispered after taking in the sight of her, wetting my lips with my tongue.

"Thanks." She grinned and took a step closer to me. "Lace me up, then I'll fuck you." She turned in front of me, showing me the laces at the small rear of the corset were undone. I nodded and reached for them, pulling the laces tight and hearing her gasp as I did so. "A little more." I nodded and pulled on them again, accompanied by another gasp from her sweet lips. I tied the strings behind her, making sure it was secure before letting go of the cords.

I stroked her ass cheeks gently, before stepping away. "Mmm all done."

"Good girl." She turned on the spot, stroking the front of the corset as she looked at me. "Now, to fuck you." She ran one hand along the rubber length absently that smirk of hers crossing her lips. "Ass or pussy?" She whispered thoughtfully, running her hands up my legs. "Mmmm you do have a nice, pretty wet cunt." She purred, her fingers caressing my bare crotch gently, her thumb pressing against my clit. "But I think this time I'll go for your ass." Without waiting for a response from me, she thrust two of her fingers into my cunt, swirling them around slowly. Each movement made me let out a soft groan and I felt myself get wetter around her digits, which I was sure was her intention. She slowly removed her wet fingers from me, a smile crossing her features as I released a soft whimper. She nudged my legs apart with her knees, her hand moving under me. "Hold yourself open." She growled softly in my ear, which made me let out a whimper, the strap-on rubbing against my thigh.

I reached behind myself and pulled apart my ass cheeks for her. Instantly her probing fingers moved between my cheeks, the wet fingers pushing into my tight asshole with surprising ease. "Ohh fuck!" I groaned softly, her fingers filling me and shifting inside me. She captured my lips with hers while working me open in preparation for what was to come. It wasn't that thick, so I was sure her two fingers would be enough. They thrust in and out of me steadily, my own juices acting as lubrication for them.

"I think you're just about ready now." She smiled as she shifted her sweet lips from mine. She slowly worked them out of me, wiping them against my left cheek. With another growl she pulled me from the wall, dragging me into the living room and pushing me roughly over the glass-topped coffee table. She pulled up the dress, running her fingers over my newly exposed cheeks. "Such a good girl, I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll see stars."

Without another word, she thrust her hips forward and rammed the dildo inside me. Because of her fingering it filled me on the first attempted, making me groan in pleasure and just a little pain. Holding onto my fleshy cheeks, she pulled out and slammed back within me. I let my eyes slip shut, rocking my ass back against her. It made me wonder why people seemed adverse to anal sex, because it felt so fucking good. Those chicks that didn't had no idea what they were fucking missing. She shifted one hand between my legs, her fingers stroking my wet opening. I moaned and clutched the table top with both hands, my whole body shifting with the force of her thrusts. The table rattled under my grip, my body pressed flush against the surface. My sweat dripped from my body, landing on the glass of the table and making my dress stick to my skin.

Suddenly, she pushed both of her fingers into my pussy, making me let out a low groan of arousal. "Fuck Jay..." I rolled my hips against his fingers, my ass pushing back against her. "Shit, shit..." I moaned loudly, her thrusts becoming harder and faster with each passing moment. I wasn't actually sure if this was getting her off at all. I'd never fucked anyone with a strap-on, so I wasn't sure if it could get her off. As he fingers curved deeper, I decided I'd be better focussing on the feelings I was recieving. Her thumb pressed against my clit hard enough to make me leak a little over the glass. "Holy fuck... I'm close... ugh. Just a little... fuck... more." I trembled as she pressed me hard, slamming into me roughly as I came.

She chuckled, slidding her fingers out of me. "Mmm I love it when you moan like a cheap whore." I heard her suck on her fingers, cleaning them with her mouth as she moved out of me. I panted heavily, turning back to face her and openign my mouth to speak, but now words came out. From the clarity of her words I guessed she hadn't came yet. She reached between her legs, undoing some of the straps holding the dildo in place. She pulled the flap up that covered her crotch and slipped the dildo from the o-ring that held it, dropping it on the sofa behind her. "Right, now it's my turn." She smiled and rolled me onto my back, my sweat making sure te dress clinged to my shapely body. I was thankful the movement didn't knock the ashtray over, which remained just beside my hip. She lifted it up and set it on the floor, pulling me down the table so my head was now fully on the table.

She turned away from me, picking something else up from the sofa and smiled at me, Clearly, she planned to fuck me here instead of upstairs. "Open wide." I parted my lips as much as I could, watching as she raised up a cock gag. It was the same length as the one that had fucked me a few moments earlier. I whimpered fearfully, knowing I'd gag around it if it filled my throat. However, she had other things in mind. Instead of stuffing the cock part into my mouth, she pushed the ball of the gag in my mouth so the shaft pointed upward. I wrinkled my brow in confusion while she strapped it securely around the back of my head. "Alright?" I nodded a little, watching her smirk. "Good."

It soon became clear why she'd pointed it that way. She stradded my face sliding down so she impaled herself on the rigid, purple shaft. She moaned above me and I couldn't help but stare at her cunt as it surrounded the dildo. I wished my tongue was't trapped behind the gag and I made sounds of both annoyance and desperation. She chuckled above me, running a hand through my hair. "Mmm, start moving." I nodded as best I could, the action inadvertantly causing the shaft to shift within her. Another groan left her lips and I began moving my head properly, back and forth. Above me, I watched as her cunt twitched and soaked the shaft with each move. Her thighs held my arms in place, so I couldn't even reach up to touch her. I whimpered behind the gag, but kept moving harder and faster to ensure that she'd get off quickly. After a couple of thrusts I could just about taste her, the slightest trickle of her fluids entering the slim space between the gag and my lips.

"Mmm I knew this idea would be fucking awesome." Her words were panty and breathless, a knowing sign that she was close. My view of her face was completely obscured by her crotch but that was ok. In fact, I was now becoming content by this, despite not being able to feel or taste her. Another whimper from above and she came, flooding the dildo with her juices. "Fuck..." She rocked her hips as her orgasm went through her body. Once it was over, she lifted herself off me, her legs trembling slightly. "Thanks sweet tits."

She undid the straps the held the gag, smiling as I panted once again. "I loved it." I smiled, snatching it from her to lick the fluids off it. "You've got such a wonderful mind."

"You've not seen anything yet sweet tits." She grinned at me from the sofa, a lit cigarette already in her hand. Oh, I was certain of that and I knew I wanted more.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith, panic! at the disco
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