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Come with us now on a journey through time and space

I'm justing putting The Mighty Boosh series 3 on. Saboo is hot.

I really, really want it to be tomorrow. Like, seriously. Although I'm not quite sure if it's the gig or getting Umbrella Academy that I'm more excited about. Especially since I've heard there's something really good about Seance in it (do to with his sexuality apparently [and if he turns out to be gay/bi you'll probably all here me squee]). And The Kraken does fighting.

I looked at the list of ideas last night but nothing came to mind. It's sorta annoying. Maybe seeing Jay screaming onstage'll give me some idea. Instead I'll do a bit to the femmeslash one cause I have an idea for the start (it's weird how I seem to be ok doing it without seeing girl porn).

Tuesday's gonna be The Umbrella Academy read-through thing, cause that's the nearest clear day.

I've started tagging fics again, so I've gotta go through em all at some point.

The new FOB pics are cute. Patrick totally can't pull off intimidating.

I've gotta sort icons still (I'll have to check through the pics on this comp to see what I had to do). I might do it once the comp is.

I dunno what I'm wearing tomorrow, part from jeans and The Used hoodie. Actually, I'm just not sure what tee to wear. Probably the Bullet one from the last gig.

I'm eating a random easter egg we got from the Tesco run we did last night.

I've gotta try and call mum later (I tried yesterday and it was engaged so...). I need to know if she got the card cause I sent money for her to send stuff but nothing's come.

I'm really curious bout this. Is it just a coincidence that it's got the same name as the short comic with The Kraken in? Hmm.

With been doing a Futurama run and we're near the end of season 2 now. Maybe we'll watch more later when Claire's here. Mwhahah!
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