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Sway those hips now

Welcome to another random post.

First Kerrang (although this is going from Mikey's not mine). The Bullet poster is so hot, though I expected it to be bigger. Thanks to Whip from Deathstars, I know see The Locomotion in a very different way. Damn pervert. Sean, I totally agree with you on Twilight. It looks totally shit and main guy's ugly as hell. What do people see in it seriously? Also, why did they interview Padge? And how did they make sense of him? Typically though he says after the gig they'll be 'getting hammered with the Fightstar boys'. Drunken sex ensues.

Why's next week's gotta have a Kurt Cobain poster special? Ugh.

I had a weird dream. I was back at the old flat and Solo (my cat) was at the window... curled up on the head of a tiger. Mikey insisted we let it in so we did and we petted it until it jumped out the window. Oddness.

Why's there not a bigger Umbrella Academy preview? I wish there was. I'm gonna run off and get it on Saturday and probably read it in the line.

I wish Mikey's mum wasn't back tomorrow, but least we've got Claire coming. Eeep!

I've gotta call bint soon to make sure she's got her cards. I'm gonna make another call tomorrow.

I get the feeling we'll be going to Tesco later/tomorrow since there's no drink (and I'm sure we're short of something else).

I'll probably be seeing The Blackout on their tour now. And Madina.

Next thing I'll write'll most likely be slash.

I'll have to set up Mikeysaur's digibox to record Deep Space 9 tomorrow, since I think I might miss it.

Also, both the archive posts have been updated now, so I'm glad bout that.

Food time now!

Character meme from blck_cherry, who gave me Hazel.

Hazel's the pink one.

01 → Do you like this character?
Yeah, he's funny! He's probably my joint third Umbrella Academy character (with Seance first and Kraken second).

02 → What name/s do you call this character?
Just Hazel, though when I wasn't sure who was who I'd mentally think 'the pink one'

03 → What image/colour do you associate with this character?
Colours: pink and red, image of the torturing Seance.

04 → What song do you associate with this character?
I don't really have one.

05 → What blood-type do you think this character is?
*shrugs* The time travelling psycho type

06 → Of all of the titles that this character appears in, what character do you like to put this character with?
Cha-cha or Seance (Cause come on, sexual torture's so obvious)

07 → What would you want to say to this character?
"Can you kill someone for me?"

08 → What do you want to do with this character:
Either kill people with him or run away.

09 → Please choose 5 friends with your choice of character.
Whoever wants to do it, can.
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