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The Second Time

The Second Time
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Double-ended dildo
Notes: Sequel to The Start Of Something Beautiful. I couldn't help but do one.

I shifted my weight nervously from one foot to another, standing on the doorstep of Jay's house. It had been a few days since our first encounter and I'd been pleasently surprised when she'd called me over. I'd kept my phone with me everywhere I'd gone, waiting for the call I'd recieved an hour ago. I took a deep breath, glacing in the slightly reflective surface of the window pane before knocking on the door. I heard movement inside and reached down, straightening out my skirt as I waited for her. I didn't have to wait long, as soon the door opened to reveal her.

She was essentially naked, wearing only her panties and bra which were both near transparent. Her skin was slightly shiny with sweat her hair unstyled and sticking out at random angles. She was a appeared to be a few inches taller, though that was only due to her wearing heels. She grinned at me, swaying her hips from side to side. "Well hello sweet tits, I'm glad you could make it." She held the door open for me, taking a step back so I could get inside.

"Hi." I whispered shyly as I entered, our bodies pressing together slightly as I moved past her. Compared to her I felt extremely overdressed, though I was certain I'd be in the same state as her soon. "How've you been?"

"I've been good." She replied simply, kicking the door shut behind us. Her hands stroked my clothed belly and she leaned closer to me, purring in my ear. "Though I've missed that hot body and talented tongue of yours." I let out a soft moan, her words instantly causing a reaction at my crotch, my underwear becoming damper. "How are you?"

"I... I've been good." I closed my eyes as she suckled on my neck, her teeth grazing against my skin and making me shiver. "Fuck..." I swallowed, just about managing to keep myself steady. "I've missed you too." That was most certainly true. I'd not bothered to count how many times I'd fingered myself while staring at the shitty pictures of her on my camera phone. I hoped she'd pose for more later on after whatever she had in mind for us.

"Good." She purred softly pressing her body against my back while she slid her hand up and under my skirt. I gasped as she rubbed her fingers against my crotch, her fingers tracing over my wet opening through the material of my panties. "I want to do so many things to you Spencer." She whispered against my ear, her tongue licking at my earlobe lightly. I shivered slight at her using my name instead of the nickname she'd adopted for me. "Dirty things. Obsecene things. Things that would make your pretty little head spin right off your neck." I groaned as her fingertips pressed right where my clit was located. "Do you want that?"

"Yes... fuck, yes of course!" I nodded my agreement, despite not knowing what she had in mind for me. She kissed the spot where my neck met my shoulder and stood back a little.

"Then we'd better get you out of those unecessary clothes then." I smiled at her words, her fingers tugging my underwear down my thighs. "And I think I may keep these tonight." Again I nodded near mindlessly, her other hand reaching under the back of my tee to unclip my bra. Once my panties had dropped down my legs to the floor I stepped out of them, pushing them to one side with my foot. She bent down and plucked them off the floor, her other hand cupping my ass through my skirt. "You're so hot." She purred and I heard her set the panties down somewhere behind us both. Her hands returned to me, tugging the skirt off me in a single quick movement. The second it was past my ass she had her face between my cheeks, giving my cleft a series of long, slow licks. With each swipe her tongue pressed against my hole, but didn't even try to enter me. Her hands held my cheeks prised wide open, not even bothering to begin removing the clothing from my upper half. Shakily, I managed to pull my t-shirt up and over my head, casting the clothing aside before sliding my bra off too. I used both my hands to brace myself against the hall wall as her tongue ravished me, torn between pleading for her to continue and begging her to stop. Before I could decide on either, she pulled her head away from me, planting a soft kiss on each of my cheeks.

"You ass tastes nice." She whispered, after licking a path up my back as she stood up. "But we should probably take this upstairs." I nodded breathlessly, letting her guide me up the stairs to her room. I shakily made my way over the bed, setting myself down on it while staring at her. She settled down on the floor in front of me, her fingers pulling my shoes off my feet. Unlike her, I was wearing simple flats which I'd chosen because of how easy it was to get them off. She set both aside, running her tongue over my knee in slow circles. "Now, I want you to lay on the floor for me sweet tits."

I shifted off the bed and onto the floor, laying back against the soft carpet. I was curious as to what she could have in mind wanting me down here but I found myself not caring as she removed the last of her clothing. For a few moments we just looked at each other, drinking in the sight of each other's naked bodies. I couldn't help but think how beautiful she was which just resulted in me becoming wetter. "Lay still." She whispered, lifting her right foot and shifting it along my leg to my crotch. The heel traced along my wet slit, making me purr slightly. Now that I looked at it, I noticed that the heel was actually rounded, without a single sharp edge along it's length. She eased the tip into me, keeping her gazed locked on my face while she did so. When I didn't show any signs of pain or discomfort, she slammed her foot down so the rest of the heel disappeared inside me. I groaned softly, wiggling as she moved her foot up and down, causing the heel to slide in and out of me. The heel couldn't have been much more then two inches long, but it still felt pretty good. Although that could also have been due to the rest of her foot pressing against my clit as well.

I watched her balance on one foot, though I could tell she couldn't keep this up for too long. I reaised my shaky hands to her right leg, running my fingers over her skin. She kept moving her foot at an uneven pace within me, each shift of the heel making me release a low moan. Eventually she stopped, sliding the heel out of me and taking a step back to sit on the bed, soft pants of exertion leaving her lips. I was unsure which had made her stop first, the constant movement of her right foot or having to balance her weight on the left. I stood up from the floor, shifting to a place beside her on the bed, kissing her shoulder gently. She leisurely stroked my thigh, smiling as she looked at me. "You're so hot sweet tits."

"Mmmm s'are you." I whispered, kissing up her neck to her full lips, kissing them lightly at first. She responded by wrapping an arm around my waist, pushing her tongue into my mouth while she did so. I twisted my tongue around hers slowly. She tasted vaguely of smoke, clearly having smoked before I'd arrived. Our tongues wiggled around each other, our kiss haulting the second she slipped a pair of fingers into my pussy.

"I know what I want us to do now." She flashed me a grin, then reached back on the bed, picking something up while continuing to curve her fingers. I managed to glance at what she held in her hand, smiling at what I saw. It was about 12 inches long, though it was flexible enough to bend at the middle, and the whole thing was made of a pale blue rubber. Both ends of it ended in a smooth, round tip. "Know what this is?" She asked me, looking me right in the eyes.

I nodded, licking my lips slightly. "Yes."

"Good." She placed a hand on my upper chest, pushing me back onto the bed easily. I scooted up the bed a little, so my whole body now lay flat on the blanket. She raised up the shaft, between my legs and slowly worked it into me. The shaft was thicker then the heel or her fingers and, while it wasn't small, it certainly wasn't too large either. I watched as it sank into me, the first three inches sliding in fairly easily while the remaining three of my half required a firmer push from Jay. I let out a low groan from the force my eyes squeezing shut tight. I'd never had anything this big within me before and I got the distinct impression it wouldn't be the last such thing inside me. "Is that ok?"

"Mmm yes." I nodded, my eyes opening to look at her again, a smile crossing her features. Satisfied that I was alright, she climbed on top of me, her wet cunt over the other end of the dildo. With one movement, she slammed herself down, impaling herself fully on her end of the dildo. She tipped her head back, releasing a low groan as it opened her up in the same way she had for me, though I had a feeling she was used to something that big inside her pussy. Almost immediately, she began to thrust her hips up and down, causing my own end of the dildo to rock within me. She smiled at the expression on my face, covering my lips with hers and pressing our tits together. Our tongues clashed again, first in my mouth, then the space between our lips before, finally, our tongues joined in her mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her, stroking up and down each side of her back. Her own were braced either side of me, helping keep her up while she fucked herself on the shaft. I tried to do the same sort of movements, though it didn't move as easily within me as it did for her. That didn't bother me though, so I was quite content to feel the dildo just move from her thrusts. I gripped onto her fleshy ass pulling her close to me. The kiss was broken now, so we could both take panting gulps of air. "You're so hot." She moaned as I bucked my hips up, causing her end of the shaft to slide back into her. "And so fucking amazing." She kissed my neck, moving her lips in a path down across my shoulder blade. She stopped when she arrived at my armpit, licking at the hairy patch of skin. I giggled at the contact, wiggling beneath her as she kept licking at me, her speed increasing.

I squeezed around the dildo, knowing I was getting closer to the edge. I was extremely sure she was too, especially when she moved her face from my pit. Her expression was the same as it was jsut before she'd came that first night. I smiled at the sight, her sweat dripping onto my body. I ran a finger between her ass cheeks, gently pushing my finger until it breached her entrance. "Cum, cum for me... shit... come on Jay, I know you want to."

"Fuck..." She rocked back against my finger, her muscles clenching insistantly around my intruder. Her hands were holding the bedsheets in bunches, her hips slamming against mine in a blinding pace. "Fuck, shit... ugh..." I lost sight of her as I fell into my own orgasm, moaning her name in a near mindless mantra. I heard her howl against my face, her own body no doubt climaxing around the rubber. She rode it out on the shaft and when I opened my eyes, she had shifted herself off me.

Her hot mouth was wrapped around the half of the dildo she'd been fucking, clearly lapping all of her sweet juices off it. If she was straight I was sure she could use that talent of hers to please a great deal of men, which made me even more greatful she wasn't into them in the slightest. The actions of her mouth and throat made the dildo move within me still, while her fingers caressed my thighs and rubber against my clit. Before I knew it, she'd made me cum hard again.

"Mmm good girl." She slipped off the end and pulled it out, raising it up for me to lick clean. I was greatful for that, since I was sure I couldn't swallow it as she had. Like the first night she lit up a cigarette, blowing out a series of smoke clouds as I tasted myself. "You really are wonderful sweet tits, there's so much I want to do to you."

I moved the dildo away from me, smirking at her. "Then you'll have to do it all to me." I leaned close and licked along her neck smiling. "Everything that your preverted little mind has conjoured up, I'll do."

She chuckled her free hand caressing my back. "Excellent."
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith, panic! at the disco
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