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The Start Of Something Beautiful

The Start Of Something Beautiful
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Femmeslash, toys
Notes: I always figured early!Bullet Jay looked like an angry lesbian and lots of people say Spencer looked like a hot lesbian so... There might be a sequel done at some point, though I'm not sure yet.

I sat at the bar, letting my eyes scan over the various girls around me. Unfortunately, all the ones I'd found attractive so far tonight were either taken or hooked up as I looked on. With a soft sigh, I downed the last of my drink and swirled on the barstool to set it down on the bar's countertop.

"Don't worry Spence, I'm sure you'll find someone tonight." I turned my head slightly to the slim boy that was sitting on the stool next to me, who was perhaps the only male in the whole bar. I smiled a little at his uneeded comment as he swirled the bright blue cocktail he was holding. I had no idea what that shit was, but he seemed to like it. I'd only dragged Ryan here cause I didn't want to come alone, that and he owed me for getting me to go with him at his first trip to a gay bar. He studied his perfectly painted black nails for a a few moments, then smiled at me again. "Any chick would be lucky to have you."

"Thanks Ryro." I returned his smile warmly and nodded for another drink from the barmaid, taking a long gulp as soon as she handed the frsh bottle to me. I turned back around, keeping an eye out for any new faces that may have arrived while I wasn't looking. There were a few, but most didn't appeal to me or where already on their way to getting some action. However, there was one exception which was heading this way.

She looked like she was slightly shorter then me and she was wearing a black sleeveless tee with her hair styled straight up. Her arms looked fairly muscular, though not overly so and several visible tattoos marked the skin of them. My eyes were then drawn to her ample breasts, which bounced slightly with each step she took. I found myself already wanting to push my face between them, but I chastised myself and instead kept on staring at her. My gaze instantly shifted to her pretty lips as her tongue wet them, the stud glinting in the light. The sight of that made me squirm slightly on the stool.

"Looks like we have a winner." I'd have glared at Ryan for that, but that would have meant turning my attention away from her. Instead, I just nudged him sharply with my elbow. "Get her a drink." I was sure I'd not rattled off such advice to him, but he was more confident then I. I rolled my eyes at his words, gulping when she sat on the empty stool beside me.

I bit my lip and swallowed another mouthful of my alcohol before turning to face her and finding my voice. "Could I... get you a drink?"

"Huh?" She turned to face me, her pretty hazel eyes sparkling as she looked at me. "Sure, thanks." She replied with a smile in a surprisingly soft voice. For a few brief seconds she studied me, in much the same way I'd examined her, before ordering her drink. I didn't get what it was except it was a jagger-something or other. "I'm Jay and you are..."

"Spencer." I smiled, both amazed and glad that such a gorgeous girl would want to talk to me. I bit my lip, unsure of what to say or do next, but thankfully she spoke first

"I don't think I've seen you around here before, are you a new face?" She took a sip from her drink when she finished speaking, but kept her gaze on me.

"Yeah this is my first time here... or any place like this actually."

She smirked at me, reaching over to stroke my clothed knee gently. I was amazed that not only did she want to talk to me, but she seemed to want me. "Then I'm lucky I caught you then" I gulped that noded, a little lost for words as she began to caress me through my tight jeans. "You don't mind me touching you right?"

"No... I l-like it." I felt my checks flush as I stuttered those words. She grinned at my reaction, then purposefully opened her mouth and licked her lower lip slowly. I let out a soft whimper, squirming slightly more. Fuck, did she know how to turn a girl on.

She leaned over the small space between us and whispered softly to me, shifting her hand up to my thigh as she spoke. "Want to come home with me?"

"Fuck yes." I nodded wildly, quickly downing the rest of my drink in one go, impossibly eager to get alone with her.

She chuckled and turned to the counter to gulp down her drink as well, setting the now empty glass down. When she stood up, I did it too, leaving a 10 dollar note on the counter for the barmaid. I briefly glanced at Ryan, but he was too busy giving make up tips to some big titted brunette. Rolling my eyes at him, I followed Jay out through the crowd.


"Is this going to be your first time with a chick?" She asked from beside me as she drove us towards her house. It was a perfectly reasonable question I guessed, though I couldn't help but blush as I shook my head slightly.

"It's not." I wasn't going to tell her my experience was only really with one girl and we'd both been a bit clueless as to what to do.

"Good." She gave methat smirk again as she pulled up outside what I assumed was her home. It looked like a rather nice little place but I didn't have much time to process it as I quickly got out and followed her inside. As soon as the front door was closed behind us it became obvious who was in control. She pushed me against the darkened hallway wall, her lips covering my own and her tongue demanding entrance to my mouth. I offered her no resistance, allowing her soft muscle to enter and explore my mouth. My eyelids fluttered closed as the stud rubbed against me. I looped my arms around her, running one hand down her back and cupping her sizeable ass with the other.

After what seemed like foreve she shifted away from my lips, panting hotly against my face. "Mmmm, you're a good kisser Spencer. You taste so good."

"You... you too." I whispered in a soft pant, my eyelids fluttering open to meet hers. She took my hand and guided me towards the stairs, stopping only to remove her shoes and to allow me to do the same. Once our feet were out of our footware, she led me up the stairs towards her room. I didn't get much chance to look around the room, as I was soon pushed back onto her bed. Instead of joining me, she hooked her fingers under the bottom of her t-shirt. I watched in awe as she pulled it up, reealling her bare chest and tits cradled in her bra. She tossed the top to the floor, reaching behind herself to unclip her black bra. She slowly pushed the straps down her arms, freeing her beautiful breasts for my eager eyes. She dropped the underwear to the floor, swaying her hips slightly. I moaned softly at the of her, wanting, no craving, to touch her sweat skin. "How about you give me something to perv on hmmm?" She said with a smile, cupping her tits in each hand and giving them a gentle squeeze.

I nodded dimly and sat up on the bed, tugging off my own tee and casting it aside just as she had. I undid my bra, slipping it off my shoulders to show her my slightly smaller tits. Unlike her, I didn't try to put on a show, so desperately horny that I just wanted to get naked. She shifted her hand to her fly, popping it open when my bra hit the floor.

"Much better." She smiled in approval as I nodded, my hands mirroring her actions without much thought. I pushed my skinny jeans down my legs, my eyes locked on her thick thighs. I felt myself getting wetter as she stepped out of both her pants and panties, exposing herself fully for me. I gazed at her pretty cunt, which had coils of black pubic hair surrounding it. I wanted so bad to just bury my face between her legs and start lapping at her pretty pink cunt. I thrown my own pants away now, tugging my purple panties down my legs quickly then flinging them aside too. I laid back on the bed, spreading my legs wide so she got the best view of my wet opening. "Even better."

She climbed onto the bed her hands caressing the smooth skin of my legs gently. "Fuck you're beautiful." She whispered softly, her hands moving steadily higher, her nails grazing my skin. They stilled once they arrived at my thighs, holding them open wide. In one fluid motion, she bent down and pressed her face against my cunt, her tongue dartiing into me.

"Oh fuck!" I gripped onto the bedsheets, squirming slightly as her tongue wiggled around inside me. The stud made her actions feel a million times more pleasureable. She used her strong hands to hold me down to stop me bucking up hard against her face before I started. Her thumbs traced small circles on the skin either side of my clit, making me wish they'd just touch me. I lifted my head from the pillows to stare down at her, noting the pretty lizard tattoo that she had on the top of her back. I released the bedsheets with my right hand, slipping it into the spikes of her hair. "Fuck! Don't stop... please don't stop.." I felt her chuckle at my desperation her own right hand snaking up to play with my breasts as her left shifted so the pad of her thumb rubbed against my clit. "Shit!" I rocked up hard, my juices flooding her tongue as she bought me closer to the dge. "Shit, shit, shit..." I squeezed my eyes shut tight, letting out a sound between a moan and a squeak as I came.

She kept licking me for a few moments, making me writhe and moan some more, her tongue and thumb working in tandem to bring me off again befre she finally shifted back. I opened my eyes, taking shallow, panty breaths as I tried to recover, but her thumb still stroking me made such recovery difficult. Her face looked all sexy with my sticky wetness clinging to her skin. She gave me that smirk of hers, suddenly pushing two of her fingers inside me, the surprise making me cum again. The only sound I could manage now was a soft series of whimpers. I wasn't sure if I wanted her to stop or not, but when she buried her face between my tits I was way past caring. Her tongue extended once more, doing long, slow licks between my breasts while he thick fingers curved within my wet heat. Only when I climaxed for a fourth time did she remove them completely. "You look so hot when you cum." She whispered as she moved back to sit between my legs, raising her wet fingers to my lips which I gladly accepted. I kept my gaze on her as I cleansed her fingers of my juices. "Tastes good right?"

"Mmm..." I noded slightly, still so breathless from the many orgasms she'd given me.

She smirked at me again while she retreated her fingers from my lips. "Four times was pretty good beautiful." She ran a hand over her slightly rounded belly, gazing right at me as she did. It was obvious that she wanted me to make her cum now, which was especially clear from here glistening opening. I shakily reached between her legs, rubing her gently while trying to decide what to do.

Jay purred softly, rocking her hips forward against my touch. "What do you want?" I asked her as calmly aas I could manage, using my other hand to caress her tits.

"Whatever you feel like sweet tits." I smiled and squeezed slightly, watching her intently as she let out a soft moan. "Toys are in the top drawer if you want to use them."

My interes piqued and I immediately shifted and released her breasts, pulling open the drawer and peering inside it. She was kinkier then I'd expected. I'd just thought that there'd be a few dildos, strap-on and a pair of cuffs, but there was also a pair of nipple clamps, a paddle and a set of needles, as well as some things I was unsure of. I lifted up a black rubber dildo, which was fairly slim and about 6 inches long. "Can I shove this up your ass?"

She chuckled, running a hand through her spikes. "Sure, as long as you use your pretty little tongue on my ass first sweet tits." I smiled at the name being used again, taking a liking too it. I watched as she turned around to lay face down next to me. Setting the toy beside her, I moved between her spread legs, leaning down over her to lick at the tattoo. After a slow swipe with my tongue across her inked skin, I lapped down her spine, running my hands down her sides. Once I arrived at the small over her back, I moved my hands to prise her cheeks apart to reveal her pucker. I'd never licked anyone's ass before, but I'd always been curious to try it. Hopefully, it would be similar to eating out pussy. I took a deep breath, then leaned in close to her and pushed my tongue deep inside her, wiggling my tongue curiously. I was surprised by how good her ass tasted, my tongue pushing deeper into her. Now it was her turn to moan and wiggle against the sheets. I held her ass down , pushing my tongue in and out of her rapidly. I kept this up for several minutes, until she reached back and pulled me away by my hair. "Stick it the fuck in me."

I grinned and reached for the dildo, grasping blindly at the bed into I grasped it between my fingers. I lifted the toy up, pushing the shaft into her saliva-slick ass. She let out a sharp intake of breath as it penetrated her, causing me to pause until she pushed her fleshy cheeks back. When she did that I thrust the rest inside her, smiling as the length filled her fully. Once it was all the way inside, she rolled onto her back and gazed down at me. "Now make me cum bitch." She growled out the words, but the need was definitely there in her voice. I smiled again, taking her tits in both hands as she forced my head down between my thick thighs. "Eat me out sweet tits."

I nodded slightly, then thrust my tongue into her cunt, pressing my nose against her clit. Her eyes fluttered closed as I kneaded her breasts while moving my tongue in a similar fashion that hers had done to me earlier, though I lack of the benefit of the stud. I kept rubbing my nose against her, twirling my tongue in circles around her soft, wet insides. Her hips rolled against my face repeatedly coupled with moans leaving her lips, a sure sign I was pleasing her. Her sticky wetness started to cover my lips and chin, so I pulled back enough to swallow what filled my mouth and take another deep breath of air. Instead of pushing my tongue back inside her right away, I took her labia between my lips and gently sucked on the delicate skin. I rolled them around with my tongue, making her grip onto my hair een tighter then before. Smiling to myself, I repeated the actions awhile long, keeping my gaze on her face the wole time. Her head was tipped back against the pillows, sweat glistening on her flushed cheeks as her lips released more soft moans. She looked even more beautiful like this. I released her from between my lips, darting my tongue out over her clit. She groaned and bucked her sweet hips at my touch, her head pressing back more into her pillows. When I swiped my tongue over her a second time, I also squeezed her large tits, her new moan louder then the last. I smiled again, then buried my tongue back into her warmth.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Each word came out as a soft, breathless sound while my tongue squirmed inside her. She didn't last much longer, her juices flowing freely around my tongue, her sweet taste filling my senses. Her strong hands held me in place, her fingers digging between my locks as she made more soft, whimpery noises. Since I couldn't move from my current position, I kept my tongue moving within her. Her body spasmed again, wetting her tongue more with her fluid. Her body arched off the bed, pushing her ample breasts even more into my hands. I thumbed her hard nipples, while rubbing my nose hard against her clit again.

With great reluctance, I removed my right hand from her chest, shifting it down her body until it was below my chin. I grasped the protruding end of the dildo between my fingers and began to pull and twist on the black rubber. I was eager to make her cum as many times as she'd made me climax. She pulsed around me for a third time, a little more of her fluid spilling over my tongue. Knowing how close I was to achieving my goal, I began thrusting the dildo hard and fast inside her. She was mumbling now, though it was too quiet for me to pluck out any words, if she was even saying anything at all. She loosened her grip on my hair, letting both her hands fall either side of her body. Her chest was heaing, her entire body now covered in a sheen of sweat. No longer held in place by her, I slowly moved back, removing the shaft from her at the same pace. I briefly trailed my tongue along a raised vein along it, then slammed it into her, grinning as she let out a yelp of surprise at the larger intrusion. I lapped at her clit again as I fucked her with it, studying her face for a sign that I'd achieved what I was hoping for. I counted each movement I made with my wrist, stopping when it became clear she had climaxed a fourth time. I managed to count to seven.

"Fuck... shit..." She smiled between pants as I removed it from her, dropping it to the bed as I shifted my body until I lay beside her. She stroked my belly with her nearest hand, still panting as she gazed at me. "You were so good sweet tits, fuck." I smiled again as she petted my skin, sitting up slightly and reaching oer to the bedside table. She pulled a cigarette out of a packet there and raised it to her lips, snapping open a lighter and igniting the tip of it. She took a deep drag, sighing contentedly as she let out a small cloud of smoke from between her lips. She turned back to me, silently offering one up to me, but I shook my head to decline. We sat there for a few minutes, the silence punctuated by her releasing more smoke from her mouth. "I don't know about you, but I'm stared." She smiled at me as she broke the silence, balacing the cigarette between her lips. "Fancy a pizza?"

"Yeah, thanks." I returned her smile warmly, watching her pick up her the phone and speed dialling whatever place was her regular. I wasn't really listening to her as she made the order, too busy listening to her as she released puffs of smoke between every other sentance. This night had gone off far better then I'd expected it would.

She hung the phone up and set it down, stubbing her cigarette in a makeshift ashtray at the same time. "They'll be here in twenty minutes and I've no desire to waste that time simply waiting for them to arrive."

And with that she crashed her lips back on mine, silencing whatever words may hae wanted to tumble out of my lips.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!spencer smith, girl!spencer smith, panic! at the disco
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