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The sound of silence

Today's been a slow day though I suck and forgot to take my hoodie into the media room, so didn't do or watch what I was gonna do this morning. Sigh.

My little buggie friend died not long after the last post. That makes me sad.

We watched The Mighty Boosh last night instead of Pokemon.

Kerrang's announcing more Download people tonight... at midnight. I'm hoping there'll be at least two people I want to see announced (hopefully The Used of Madina or someone). The current line up annoys me.

I'll hopefully be getting Umbrella Aademy when we go to the gig, since there's a comic store near one of the underground exits. Huzzah!

I just finished the fic. It's 10 pages (5 sheets of A4 front and back) but it might be shorter/longer when typed up (yeah, I wrote it all on paper instead of typing it up). So I'm gonna type it up now. If it goes down well I might write a sequel (which I honestly really do want to do), so we'll see. Most normal people would probably split what I have in half, but I don't want to so... we'll see how it goes. Expect it to be posted later.

It took me ages earlier to find a pic for it though. It's so annoying, cause I know I've got pics on my comp. Ah well, I'll still use the one I found. I might sort the comp tomorrow.

Mikey's mum is gone! Hurrah! So we're downstairs keeping his dad company.

Well, that's about it. I guess I'd better get typing.
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