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Gimme back my damn flamingo!

Another fairly random post.

The other day the Watchmen stuff came. I've not watched the dvd but I love the usb thing. It's so cool looking. I'll have to take some pics tomorrow (when I plan to take some anyway).

I spent yesterday writing out that fic (on paper for the most part) and not much else reallly.

I talked to mum earlier which just turned into a shouting match (and I never got to ask about the things I wanted). That was followed by almost a minute of silence, then the phone being engaged. She said some of my magazines have been 'gotten rid of' which pisses me off cause they were mostly out the way. I think I should sort something out to get my stuff in Easter. I'm panicy it'll all be gone. I may call her back tomorrow.

I'm now wearing the red UNIT cap that came with Mikey's Doctor Who Adventures magazine. I like it.

I might try and make icons later. There's some I wanted to do, but I've forgot which now.

Umbrella Academy previews are vague. So very vague.

I've gotta look through Kerrang properly, all I've really read is the Jimmy bit (and that's cause he mentions eating shit and Steve being his wufe).

I keep having recurring dreams where I'm yelling at Mikey's mum. I want my normal dreams back.

We finished our Pokemon run the other night, it's the films to go soon.

That's bout everything roughly. Tomorrow I'll try and take pics and... maybe write? I dunno. We'll see.
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