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All The Small Things

All The Small Things
Pairing: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Nathan
Notes: I blame anon_lovefest for this, since someone requested a fic with Mikey Way with a small dick... and for some reason it made me think of the twins being the same way.

I groaned softly as my brother pounced on top of me, his clothed hips pressing against my bare ones as he tackled me to the ground. I wasn't sure why he felt the need to jump on me at every opportunity, but I knew I liked it, perhaps too much. The thing was that this time I was naked, without even a shred of clothing concealling my skin. That meant that this time he'd be able to feel my excitement, or at least, see it. He rolled his sharp hips agaisnt mine, distracting me so his hands could shift to my sides. He waited a few seconds, then flashed me a smirk and began tickling my sensitive skin. Instantly I started giggling and squirming, trying to escape from under him. "Awww Nathan, you're just too easy." He grinned down at me, only stopping the movement of his fingers when I started panting, my chest heaving. He leaned back and gazed down at my crotch, raising an eyebrow. "Nathan are you..."

I felt my cheeks flush in embaresment, following his eyeline. I was hard, my stiff little cock sticking out from the thick curls of my pubic hair. I'd seen porn and I was well aware my dick was nothing to be proud of, which was why I hardly ever went on dates.

"You are! You're hard!" He smiled, reaching down and running a finger along my short shaft curiously I bit my lip slightly, unsure of what to do. I didn't want to stop him, despite knowing I probably should, so I just let my older twin keep touching my dick. "You're like me." I looked at him in confusion, not sure what he meant. He moved his hand from me and stood up, causing me to whimper softly at the loss. He shifted his hands to his crotch, undoing hs fly and pushing his tight girls jeans down his slender legs. His boxers followed a few seconds later, joining the jeans around his ankles. I stared at his crotch as he stepped out of them, licking my lips slightly. He was like me, with a small dick between his legs. "I always hoped you were like me."

He returned to his position between my legs, holding his cock against mine to compare our sizes. Lengthwise we were the same, just about two inches long. Girthwise, he was slightly slimmer then my own, which made me slightly more prouder about my own. His small balls rubbed against my sac, making me purr and squirm. We hadn't been in this position naked since we were teenagers in college and we'd both been too drunk to get hard. He leaned down and planted his lips on mine, kissing me gently. I responded by kissing him back softly and wrapping my arms around him. When I parted my lips slightly, his soft tongue slipped inside my wet mouth. I let my eyes lid as my twin's tongue explored the unfamiliar territory. His hands slipped along my sides, caressing the skin that he'd been tickling not too long ago. He rocked his hips against mine, our cocks pressing against each other.

I smiled as his fingers wrapped us both and began stroking us. I rocked into his hand, my eyes lidding in arousal from his touch. He was the first person to touch me that didn't remove their hand and laugh at me as soon as they felt me. He shifted away from my lips, taking in a deep gulp of air before planting his lips on my neck. I moaned softly as he lapped at my skin, his hand moving at a steady pace along our dicks a few more strokes. "I have an idea." He whispered softly against my ear, then released us and began to move again. I was unsure what he had in mind, so just lay there while he did his thing.

It turned out his thought was for us to 69, which became instantly obvious when his hips had shifted in front of my face. I let out a soft groan when he swallowed me whole, my body arching against his. I felt the need to instantly return the favor quickly, taking his small dick into my mouth as he had done to mine. I moaned against him, licking and suckling him gently, trying my best to emulate the porn I'd seen even though I had less to work with. I rubbed my nose against his balls easily wiggling my tongue around his member. I gasped around him as he took my balls into his mouth too, his tongue squirming against my wrinkled skin. I mumbled against him torn between wanting to thank him and please him. I concentrated on the latter swirling my tongue around his head and stroking the globes of his ass with both of my hands. I traced my fingers along his cleft pressing my middle finger against his ring. I pushed it inside his body, hearing him groan as I wiggled it gently inside his tight warmth. I had a feeling that we'd be doing a lot of this, since I doubted we'd be able to have sex. He pushed back against my finger, his insides squeezing around it to show how much he appreciated it. I curved my digits withing him, searching for the spot I knew was there, but I was slightly clueless as to what I was looking for. His body jerked slightly, his hips pressing against my face even harder then before. At the same time I felt something deep within me, despite not being touched in the same way I was touching him. When I pressed my fingertip against his spot again, the same thing happened again, my hips bucking up.

We came at exactly the same time, spurting into one another's mouths. I swallowed every drop of the salty fluid, feeling my twin do the same thing. As I panted to catch my breath, I removed my finger from ass, smiling as he rolled off me. "We have to do that again."

He grinned at me, shifting so he was facing me again. "Fuck yes." He kissed me gently, again stroking my sides. "And I'm sure there's other things we can do too."
Tags: fic, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone, nathan leone, slash
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