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Well that was a good idea

Mikeysaur got the new Sonic game last night. We haven't been on it yet though.

We went to citizen's advice today. Good job we did. The idea Mikey's dad had was completely wrong, so thank fuck I went. They said the best thing would be to move into a flat share thing with people I don't know. Sigh.

I already get shy round people I dunno, so why is that a good idea?

We went and fed ducks and they were so cute! They ate from our hands and one was so cute.

Mikey just bought food up. Yay!

Deep Space 9 is on, then we'll be watching Pokemon. I think I'll write something or other then.

Happy birthday glastocharm! I might do some form of present for yous. I hope to see you at the gig. Will you be bringing Umbrella Academy for it?
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