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Galstaff casts a friendship spell on both of you!

I'm back from JC. It was pointless and far too hot. They have no air conditioning! And my player died before I got on the train. Gah.

Mikey gave me a shiny ring we found at the station. Yay!

I got Kerrang late, even though I know it's a bit shit. Ok, mostly shit. I dunno.

I took forever getting back cause the trains wereconfusing (and Iended up practcially running from Sevenoaks station).

On the way back I saw something that I first thought was a sheep, but it was a llama! Wee!

I might write something later.

I'm now watching The Mighty Boosh eps I missed when I was drifting off.

Last night I didn't do too much, cept for Pokemon watching. James is all kinds of awesome.
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