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No, that's not good

So I've not posted in a few days. What've I been doing?

Well, like I said in last post we watch Death note cause it was on Film 4. Light's so twisted and devious. And L's so awesomely adorable. At some point soon we'll watch the other two films.

On Friday we didn't do much, cept watch Comic Relief and get/pester Claire. Comic Relief was mostly eh. The best part was probably the Sarah Jane thing. Fuck Luke was so hot. He's always hot but still... The other good thing was the ickle Little Britain stuff.

Pestering was Claire was good, although the past two days I've been drifting off while we watched stuff (which isn't good, especially since we put on the first Boosh eps which I ain't). She's good for hugs.

We watched Fifth Element, which is an awesome film.

She went earlier today and got stuck on the way back (like she did on the way here).

I was gonna call mum earlier but I didn't. Oh well. Tomorrow maybe.

Mikey's started a fic. I wonder what it is. I might do one soon, or maybe go on DS. I've had vague fic ideas.

I'm thinking of doing an Umbrella Academy fanmix thing after my re-read.

They finally played some of those new Madina songs on Kerrang. They were farely awesome.

We're gonna watch old school Pokemon now. Like really old school, on videos from episode 1. I can't wait for the Team Rocket eps. James is hot. I know I meant to fic him... This is all because we saws a new ep and James looked hot in that (though the voices are wrong). There was one on last week and it had Turtwig drumming. So cutes.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

That's it I think. Pretty much. I think I have forgot something (and I've not took pics yet).
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