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And I will whisper... no

So we're back from the Watchmen. My thoughts? Behind the cut cause they're probably gonna be spoilerific.

It was pretty good. I walked in with no real expectations (most of the reviews I've seen in papers or on tv have been by people who knew something about the comic) so... my thoughts?

I liked it, I thought it was pretty cool/amazingish. It wasn't as gory as people made out, but it was gory enough to be cool. I loved the bit where the guy gets his arms sawn off.

Glowy blue cock!

Yay Mars!

All through it I kept thinking that Dan/Nite Owl looked like Patrick from the Dance Dance video (you know, the geeky one). I loved him. He's so fucking adorable. I couldn't help but think of MSI's Get It Up though. I loved his little flying machine.

Rorschach was cool too. I loved his mask. He's sorta hot with it on and he didn't have to die damnit.

I wish the cute tiger thing would've lived damn bastard know it all.

I loved the fighting scenes (like Mikey did) and think there should been more (like he did too).

I'm sure I had other thoughts about it, though my brain fails at retaining information sometimes. Stupid thing.

Oh, and I'm now stuck with Desolation Row in my head.

None of the trailers stuck in my head, which is saying something cause most of the time one does. I got a Watchmen book think from getting stuff beforehand (though I picked the wrong think for us to both get one cause the sign wasn't clear. And we got Ice Age 3 poster things.

We're now eating Dominos (after luckily getting it minutes before it's closed) and it's nice. Mikey has a pile of peppers for me.

Death Note's on, the live action one. Yay! There was a pic of a guy that looked like a Japanese Ray Toro. Very hot. Most Japanese guys are hot. Ryuk and his apples< 3

Thankies nice people for comments.
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