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What's an omen?

More random thoughts, case I really can't be arsed with working out a proper one (though one'll probably come later). Although three fucking years is scary.

*I've still not done those pics, cause I'm special like that.
*The Galactic Conquest thing on Battlefront 2 is surprisingly hard and at times confusing. I was on it for 2 hours plus before realising I actually wasn't getting anywhere.
*Youtube not having music vids anymore sucks
*A tax on chocolate? Who's stupid idea is that?
*There was a shooting in Germany the other day and of course it's the falt or shooting video games the killer has. Nothing to do with him being able to get a real gun at all, nope.
*I wrote something yesterday that I'm really happy with, which I posted yesterday.
*Fuckyou people are irritating (which pretty much translates into me not doing MCR fic in awhile and not posting what I do do outside of here... also, who do they have a habit of being bitchy when I'm stressed out?)
*For the first time in a coupla days I've woke up and Mikey's not there. I'm assuming he's in the media room and I don't wanna wake him.
*How the shit does Padge/Bullet/anyone drink Jag from the bottle like it's water?
*Kerrang radio is annoying cause they had Madina in yesterday but didn't play any of their set till after 8 (and only then it was a song from the first album... seriously, they play three new songs and they give us the one that's not). I'm waiting to see if it'll get posted on the site.
*Kerrang got Mateo a cake for his birthday, and it was a Clone Wars one, the exact same one I got for my birthday.
*I've started using Twitter properly.
*Bob is amusing.
*I might be doing a Bullet mood theme if I sort out the comp. Whenever that'll be.

We're seeing Watchmen and having Dominos later. Then, tomorrow, Claire's coming to pester us. Wah! And there's Comic Relief.
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