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Lack of morals

Random thoughts of today:
*It would've been better just to call the Citizen's Advice people (since I had to make an appointment... for next week)
*I got Mikey an ant farm. It'll probably be the last thing I get him for awhile
*We walked back in the rain and got both cold and soaked
*Mikey got Battlefront 2. It's pretty cool
*Pokemon are cute
*I watched the new Heroes ep, though I was slightly confused by it all (Mikey downloads the latest American ones and I've not seen any of the recent ones). Sylar's hot.
*I lack creativity (I can't even decide on a pairing)
*Watching comedy stuff in the media room while Mikey naps is oddly good.
*I'm fixated slightly on My City on facebook
*I demand to have a close up on Jay's new tattoo. Preferably with him naked.
*I really need to change icons (I was gonna add a Rhys one and a Seance one when I was at home before I came, now I wanna add a new Madina one and Matt with Gus too... at least)
*I still need to watch Clone Wars. We're a bit hopeless like that
*Fuckyou people are being asses again, though not to me (but that doesn't make it less wrong).
*I hide how stressed I am really well now. Mostly.
*Bill Kaulitz's hair looks so fucking... odd
*Download, announce more people like... yesterday.
*Has anyone seen this thing called Repo, The Genetic Opera? Is it good?
*Jeremy Kyle really really pisses me off
*I wish I could find the Saw IV X Japan song, it's stuck in my head

Pictures tomorrow maybe (after listening to the live Madina show on Kerrang).
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