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So Pretty When You're Bound

So Pretty When You're Bound
Pairing: Mateo Camargo/Dan Torelli
POV: Mateo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Mateo and Madina needs more love... so I did this. I partly blame loud_an_clear for the pairing.

I looked at Dan intently, his body sprawled over the bed. He was laying on his stomach with his wrists and ankles were tied together behind his back, the pirate tattoos on his arms on display. He was drooling around the gag in his mouth, the saliva covering his lips and chin. His eyes darting around the room in search of me, though I kept out of his sight. His ass cheeks twitched slightly, droplets of sweat rolling over the skin and along the crack. From between the rounded cheeks protruded a slim, black cord which connected to the row of beads buried inside him.

He looked so hot like that. I ran my fingertips over the sides of my shaft, my member aching from the sight of him. It was taking all of my willpower not to pounce on him right now. He'd been like that for over an hour now and he'd been as hard as I was the whole time.

Slowly, I stood up and headed over to him, the temptation to touch too much now. I ran a hand along his left thigh, watching his skin twitch as I did so. He`twisted his head to try and see me, but I responded by gripping his long hair and forcing his head back forward. "Now, now, don't make me get the hood." He whimpered behind the gag, but kept facing forward. I knew how much he hated the black rubber hood, which was why I always used it against him in times like these. That, and he looked damn good in it.

I released his hair, moving my hand back to stroke at his leg. Each hand caressed the lightly haired skin of his thighs, my eyes on him as his body shifted at my touch. His hips rocked forward a little, his hard dick pressing against the sheets, the leaky tip adding to the stain there. He really was such a little slut. I inched my hands steadily lower, until my fingertips were pressed against his round cheeks. I rubbed them gently, my thumbs playing with the cord of the beads. He groaned around the gag as the beads moved slightly within him, the deepest rubbing against his spot.

I grasped the end of the cord between my fingers, easing it out of him slowly. I studied his asshole intently, watching the pucker stretch open as the first bead came out of him. I purred softly at the sight, his body jerking as the black orb left him with a soft pop. I pulled on it slightly slower, doing it at that pace so I could take my time with the next one. He squirmed on the bed, though I knew he was holding back from wiggling more. The next bead breached his hole, widening the twitching opening upon it's exit. Four more followed after it, each one slightly smaller then it's predessessor. Once the last one had slipped out of him, I set the slick beads down on the bed beside him, still keeping my gaze on his sweat slick ring.

Taking my time, I mounted the bed and guided my painfully hard dick to his opening. I ran the smooth tip around the ring a few times, smiling as he shivered at the contact. I did this a few times, making his rim even slicker with my pre-cum before my patience finally ran out. I held his cheeks open and slammed my hips forward, burying myself fully within him. I heard him moan around the gag, but that was drowned out by my own noises of pleasure. His ass muscles twitched around my stiff cock, making my eyes lid in pleasure. I moved my hands to his bound limbs, holding onto them as I began making slow movements in and out of him. He pushed back against me in frustration, clearly wanting me to speed up, but I kept my slow pace. Unlike him I had patience. That's how I could keep him bound like this for so long and how I could keep moving teasingly slow.

Beneath me he wiggled and squirmed, desperate for me to either sped up or touch his erect cock. I knew from experience that if he wasn't restrained he'd be jacking himself off, not stopping until he'd climaxed. I waited a few more thrusts before I began to speed up, though my pace didn't increase that much. He grunted behind the gag, my cock purposely angled to slam into his spot each time I did it. I closed my eyes a little, digging my nails into the sides of his legs, parting my lips to suckle on his toes. I took both his big tioes into my mouth, sucking on the sweaty digits lightly. I ran my tongue around his nails lightly, the force and speed of my thrusts increasing steadily.

I reached between him and the bed, popping the cock ring off his dick when I was sure I'd teased him enough. I took his dick in hand and began to stroke him, keeping my movements as slow as my earlier thrusts. With my other hand I untied the makeshift gag, letting him spit it out onto the pillows before him. The second the dark material was out of his mouth, he began making loud groans of pleasure. He kept his head facing forward, moaning obscenities while he both squeezed my arousal and rocked into my hand.

I lost control at the sound of his voice, speeding up my thrusts within him. "Harder... faster... fuck!" I let go of his toes, chuckling at the desperatation in his voice. I gripped his arm with my hand, my nails digging into the slick skin as I pounded him, tracing my tongue over the soles of his feet. I knew I was getting closer with each thurst, nearing the sweet orgasm I'd been waiting for for so long. I kept moving my hand fluidly along his shaft, keeping my movement as fast as I could without my strokes becoming blinding fast. Still, he came before I did, the milky fluid spurting against the dark sheets beneath him.

While he came he clenched tighter around me, though I kept still so I didn't get oevr-stimulated and shoot at the same time. I wiped my cum-slick hand in his hair, resuming my movements only when I was sure his beautiful body had fully came. I pulled on his hair, making him tip his head back while he panted heavily. It was such a sexy sounded, almost as much as the sound of him moaning in desperate need. I kissed each of his ankles, giving into my animalistic lust at last. Each slam of my hips was rough and fast, the pace as erratic and uncontrolled as I could get.

After only a handful of thrusts, I came within him, my eyelids fluttering closed as I moaned his name. I eased out of him, rubbing my dick against his hairy ass. I took a gulp of air, wiping my sweaty hair from his forehead while kissing a slow path down his left leg. I stopped at his cleft, prising apart his cheeks and dipping my tongue into his stretched out whole. I took a deep breath, lapping at the salt fluid I'd just shot within him. While I wiggled my tongue within him, I moved my hands back up his legs, untying the rope that bound him. When I undid it, I dropped it beside the anal beads while I pulled back from his hole, kissing each of his sweet cheeks. "Have fun?"

I saw him nod, his hair moving as he did so, his limbs stretching out over the bed. "Good." I got on the bed beside him, flicking my tongue over my lips lightly. "Becase next tour, that's how you'll be every night." I flashed him a grin, rolling onto my back and staring at the ceiling. Only on tour, I wouldn't untie him once I was done. I hoped Matthew would be finished with the rubber hood by then.
Tags: dan torelli, dan torelli/mateo camargo, fic, madina lake, mateo camargo, slash
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