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Pairing: Matt Tuck/Sonny Moore*
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Vampirism, blood, gore, necrophilia
Notes: This is the first fic I've done here. It's took awhile to decide who to use for it and only at the end did I pick who it was. *: Although I've said it's Sonny (which Mikey suggested), it could be anyone really so it can be whoever you really see it as.
Dedications: Everyone that's been nice and especially glastocharm for getting me Umbrella Academy and Mikey for putting up with me.

I hated how humans always seemed to portray us as wasteful. To them, we'd merely drain a person dry and leave the body wherever we found it. Of course we didn't do that, not unless we were disturbed halfway through or we intended to turn them. After all, what kind of predator leaves the body of their prey near intact? No, we don't leave the corpses, we take them.

Like the body I had now.

He wasn't dead just yet, though he soon would be. He was a pretty little thing, all sharp hipbones and curves in all the right places. His skin was pale, almost to the point that one would consider him dead from his complexion alone. It was one thing I loved about this generation, that the youth's believed in the romantisied versions of my kind so readily that it was easy to lure them. I reclined back against the plush red couch, watching his chest rise and fall with each breath. He would wake from his unconcious state soon enough. While he was pretty, he wasn't pretty enough for me to grant him eternal life.

I didn't have to wait long before he began to stir, making a low groan as he reached up with his right hand to rub his head. It was an action I'd seen so much with my prey. They always seemed to do that when they woke. His eyes fluttered open and he glanced around the room briefly, rubbing the orbs with his hand. "Where am I?" He asked, to no one in particular. There was no fear to his voice, so clearly waking in unfamiliar locations was a frequent occurance to him.

"You're in my home." I answered him, my lips curving into a smile when his head instantly swiveled towards the sound of my voice. "Do you like it?" He blinked a few times before studying the room we were in. It had many things that would be found in a human home, though this was much larger then most of their rooms. In front of us was a large tv, with cabinets either side of it with the related dvds and games for it. Arrayed in front of it was a series of deep red sofas, which were able to hold about eight people or so. Behind them was a table with a few chairs surrounding it, all of which were black. On the rear wall was a large cabinet, which was filled with with various bottles of alcohol and accompanying glasses. The room's walls were all painted a dark red, while the floor and ceiling were both black. On each side wall there were two pairs of shackles in place, and there was a row of meat hooks along the ceiling which served a similar function. It was these last two that caused his eyes to widen.

"Who the fuck are you?" He said as he looked right at me, fear tinging the edges of his voice now. He was aware of his nakedness now, his hands covering his soft genitals.

"That doesn't matter." I replied softly, making sure that he saw my fangs when I spoke. He gasped and shifted back from me, suddenly realised what I was. He reached up and placed his hand on his neck, against the two puncture wounds he found on the left side. He remembered now, how I'd bit him merely hours before while he was drunk, draining him of enough blood to make him pass out.

He backed away, barely managing to scramble to his feet to try and get away. I remained where I was, watching unconcerned as he ran around the room, going through every doorway in turn. "You won't escape." I called to him, almost offhandedly. "There's no way out for you." Indeed, this was true. We were underground, so there were no windows he could prise open and the only door was securely locked.

Five minutes of searching later, he returned before me, looking at me with desperation in his eyes. Pity that he wasn't a hider, but this made things easier. "Please..." He whispered softly, his voice shaking as he spoke. "I can give you money or sex or..."

"Silence." I raised my hand as I said the word, instantly silencing him. When pleading for their life, humans always offered those two things first. It was quite tiresome. I stood up to full height in front of him, crossing the distance between us in one stride. I wrapped one arm around him to keep him in place, though I was quite sure he wouldn't go anywhere anyway. "You have nothing that I want that I cannot just take from you anyway." I growled softly, leaning close and grazing my teeth along the expanse of his neck, inhaling the scent of his blood. "By the end of this night, you will be dead. You have no choice, no means of stopping me and preventing your fate. I have no interest in siring you and making you my mate, slave or partner." He trembled at that, a silent tear sliding down his cheek. "Your end will be just that." I had no idea if there was an afterlife for my prey or if the end really was that. Still, it helped make them more scared by implying there was nothing beyond. It made him so scared in fact that he was pissing himself. I ignored the warm liquid on my leg, merely pulling back and smiling darkly at him.

I pushed him easily onto the sofa behind him, watching as he tipped his head to one side. "Get it over with then." He whispered softly, resignation clear in his voice. "Kill me."

I chuckled, shaking my head as I leaned in close to him. "Oh you don't fully understand how this works do you? Stupid humans and your stupid ways." I licked my lips, gripping his chin and turning his head to gaze into his eyes. "We don't just need blood. We feast on flesh too." I growled again and climbed onto his lap, releasing his chin and capturing his left wrist in my grip, raising it up before me. Making sure he was watching, I opened my mouth wide and bit through his middle finger. He screamed in pain, while I worked on stripping the meagure flesh from the digit. It wasn't the best source of meat, though I found losing a finger was an effective demonstraton.

He struggled in my grip though he couldn't escape from it no matter how hard he tried. I spat his bones and fingernail out onto the cushions beside him. I leaned into his wrist and bit through his skin there, ripping through his flesh. His warm blood filled my mouth, the taste overwhelming my senses. I swallowed the thick, coppery fluid before biting off more of his meat. That's all humans were really, meat. I licked at the fresh wound, studying his face as I did so. His eyes were closed and he frequently made sounds of pain. I almost felt sorry for him.

I moved up to his throat, keeping my mouth open so my fangs pierced his skin and slit his throat. More blood flowed from this wound, cascading down his neck and upper chest. The liquid glinted in the light, looking as beautiful as it always did. I couldn't help but lean close again and lick some of it from his skin. I glanced at him again, his body falling limp against the couch as he started to die. It would be fairly quick now. Blood bubbled out of his mouth, to cover his chin and join the rest on his neck. Unconcerned by his garbled pleas, I leaned in close and ripped some more flesh from his body with my teeth.

He trembled as I tore through his flesh, his slender form entering his death throes now. I wasn't sure how long he had left, nor did I really care. I devoured him hungrily, his blood covering my face and upper body as I did so. When I moved my face out of the open wound on his upper torso, he was already dead. Perhaps I'd been a little too merciful in his killing. I'd make a note to draw it out with the next one. I licked the blood from my lips, shifting off him and pushing his body to the floor. I knew I should keep eating him, or at the very least start carving him up, but my erection between my legs demanded my attention.

I kicked his legs apart with a booted foot and prised his cheeks apart. His pucker still twitched a little, his nerve endings still functioning to an extent. I leaned over him enough for his blood to drip down his crack so that I could use the thick fluid as lube. I waited a few moments, then slammed into him roughly. I moaned at the feeling of him, then began thusting in and out of his body. I dug my nails into the sides of his body, ramming into him at a rough pace. If he was still alive, he'd be moaning in pain from the force of my movements. Instead, the only sounds that filled the air was skin slapping against skin and the various noises I made.

I gripped his unbloodied wrist, pulling it behind him and biting into the soft skin. I drank his blood hungrily, increasing the pace of my thrusts within him. My eyes lidded in pleasure as he twitched beneath me, his body occasionally jerking. A few more slams into his cooling body was all it took for me to orgasm, filling his passage with my cum. I'd use him more later, once I'd began cleaving the meat from his bones.

I pulled out of him and slumped back on the sofa, panting softly as I studied him. Without my arms holding him, he fell onto the floor, his body sprawling out over it while his blood pooled around him. I rested my head against the sofa, closing my eyes and feeling extremely satiated by him.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, from first to last, matt tuck, matt tuck/sonny moore, slash, sonny moore
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