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The world will shout 'save us'

I really wanna see Watchmen (damn you ads between my morning shows). I didn't think it was gonna be an 18, which makes me wonder how it got an 18. Also, as an extra reason, there's gonna be a new Star Trek trailer played before it. Woo! I still hope to see it with Mikey, since I'll be there only two/three weeks after release.

I fell aslleep after sorting minis yesterday, cause I was just so exhausted (which was extra annoying cause it's Festivale on AC and I missed getting some stuff... so I'm putting the day back today to get the rest when I go on it).

I've no idea where my cam is but as soon as I find, pictures will be taken.

There's a whole shelf empty, which I'm deciding what to use for. It'll either be for dvds or comics and 7 inch singles.

I'm gonna get Umbrella Academy Thursday, but it means spending two annoying car trip with my uncle... but it'll keep costs down, which is always good (and causa that I'll hopefully be get minis too). I'll have to go to the Post office beforehand and get the bit of money in there out (I can't be arsed doing it at the bank and it's a little too small to get out of a machine). I hope The Works there'll have more of those Trek dvds. Getting them's made me want more cause Star Trek=awesome. I'll have to get a few more boxsets later in the year. I might watch Enterprise later cause I've finished the Will And Grace run (bar the third disc cause three eps are fucked, but Mikey's gonna help with that).

Speaking of Umbrella Academy (before I got immensely sidetracked) there's a new preview for it up at last! Hurrah! There's something about Seance dead that's hot. And cause of shebangsthedrum I have images of the hole being used inappropriately. Damnit. I'm totally gonna send an e-mail in to them this time. I dunno what it'll entail though. I've never sent a letter or e-mail to these kinds of things. I should probably start sending fanmail cause Mikey has and got signed things.

I had a nice morning, laying in bed with Danny cuddled up against me. And I got a nice random card from Mikey. Yay!

We'll know about when the walls'll be done (finally) soon. Thank fuck for that.

I'm gonna go on AC in an hour, then I'm gonna read the myriad of fics I have open (I know I keep saying that, but I mean it today... then again I've meant it every other time so...). I'm also gonna change a few icons and ponder what to write. Maybe Into The Darkness, maybe something else. I'll probably do anotherUA fic this week too.
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