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One of us has to fuck the alien

So the shelves are almost done now. Huzzah! I'll put minis up and take pics of them later (in a seperate post). I hope my cam's around where I left it. I dunno what I'll do with the extra space, but we'll see how much there is. I'm sorting them out twice, the first for pics (the rares, the hudges and the cool other ones) and the other (by faction) for display. I never display by set cause it'll make me concious about the gaps.

I'll go on AC Wii in about an hour or something. I'll find out my code thing and put it up then (editing it into post).

I want it to be next week for Being Human. I totally wanna know what happens.

Instead of going to Birmingham, I'm doing the massive round trip to Wolverhampton. Gah. It's cause it's cheaper to do that and it's easier to buy a new ticket then alter it.

Danny's been sick, the poor thing. he seems a little better now but I dunno.

Mum was a bitch again this morning. Why can't she just shut the hell up?

I'll watch the rest of Will And Grace later.

I had something meaningful to say but it's gone.

Edit: Code: 3609-4857-0455
Name: Jay
Town: Termina

Edit 2: Actually screw sorting em twice, I'm lazy. I'll just take one lotta pics and maybe do another lot at a later date.
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