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Sparkle Paint

Sparkle Paint
Pairing: Sean Smith/Matthew Davies/James 'Bob' Davies/Gavin Butler/Gareth 'Snoz' Lawerence/Rhys Lewis
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Bukkake, bondage
Notes: For the chokemyfiction challenge.

I gazed down at little Matthew, who had his arms tied behind him, his hands clasping each other in the small of his back. The rest of us were stood around him, forming a semi-circle. We were all naked and hard, our throbbing dicks pointing towards Matthew.

"Ready?" Rhys spoke from across from me, running his hand across his bare thigh. There were several sounds of affirmative from everyone else while I just nodded. "Alright then."

Rhys wrapped his fingers around his shaft, starting to stroke himself. The action was repeated by each of my bandmates a second or two later. I was the last to start wanking, though that was because I knew I'd probably cum first. I watched the others, noting how each of them was different. Bob was going the fastest, his hand moving almost blindingly along his long dick. Gareth, on the other hand, was going at a slow, methodical pace. Gavin and Rhys were both somewhere in between, though Gavin was stroking his thick dick at a slightly slower pace then Rhys.

Matthew was looking between everyone just like I was. I had a feeling he was doing it to try and work out which of us would cum first. To me, it was far too early to tell such things. I sped up my hand movements, wanting desperately to see his face covered with cum. I was so fucking glad that Rhys had came up with this and got the others involved. I guess the amount of porn on his computer had a use other then to take up it's memory.

We were now all moving faster, our dicks aching hard. Rhys' was noticeably leaking, the purple tip shiny with his arousal. The others weren't in that state, though I knew for a fact that Snoz's never leaked at all. We were quite an open band, not ashamed to be around each other naked and hardly ever bothering to close the curtains while we wanked. I pitied bands that couldn't do that around each other.

I examined each cock, mentally comparing them to the others. Rhys was long, but fairly slender. His full balls hung low between his legs, swaying slightly as he stroked himself. Snoz had a thicker cock, roughly the same length as Rhys. Bob was the shortest of the five of us, though not by much. He was somewhere between Rhys and Snoz thickness wise. Gavin, who stood beside me, had a thick dick just a little longer then Bob's. There was barely any difference between the two of them, lengthwise.

My own was the longest of them all, with a girth close to Bob's but a tiny bit bigger. With a soft moan Bob thrust his hips forward and came all over the curve of Matthew's chin. He wiped his tip across Matthew's neck, the last of the fluid sticking to him. He stepped away from Matthew, sitting down on the bed that was behind us. Instinctively, the rest of us shifted closer together to close up the gap he'd made.

Beside me, Gavin stepped forward. He came hard, his ass thrusting forward ass he did so. If this was any other circumstances, I'd be tempted to pull apart those hairy cheeks and either bury my face between them or ram my cock in there.

Gavin left the semi-circle and I gazed at the fresh cum staining Matthew's cheeks and lips. That did it for me. I shuffled closer and released my own load, watching it land on his forehead and in his hair. Really, I was amazed that I'd managed to last this long. I panted heavily and joined Bob and Gavin on the bed. I sat up, leaning my back against Gavin's legs as I watched the last two jerk off.

I hate to fight off the sleepy haze that came from orgasm, keeping my intent gaze on them both. It was a few minutes before the next of them came, in the form of Rhys exploding across Matthew's cheek. More minuteds followed before Snoz did, though I'd expected him to be the last of us to shoot. Gavin owed me ten quid now.

Satisfied, I laid back on the bed, feeling the mattress shift as Bob moved to take pictures and release Matthew's hands. I bet he looked so hot covered in all our loads. I shifted back a little more, smiling at how the fluid made his face sparkle in the light. He looked even more beautiful then before.
Tags: fic, gareth lawerence, gavin butler, james davies, matthew davies, rhys lewis, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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