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So it's my fault because...

Maybe it would be best if I choked mum in her sleep. She's fucking pissing me off so much this morning. I ask her what I could do yesterday, she says nothing. So guess what? I do nothing downstairs, cept get the washing in and make food. What happens today? I get moaned at for doing nothing. What the fuck?

Everything is my fault with her lately and it's pissing me off. Especially when it's stuff like her not having meat for today's dinner. Seriously, she's acting like that's my fault. She's been out the past three days so she's had the opportunity to get it but no, it's somehow my doing.

She's also had to order in the wallpaper we like to Wolverhampton and she's acting like I can get it cause I'm going to get Umbrella Academy. Which would be fine, cept I have to go to Birmingham instead to sort out the coach ticket and I'm not making two trips to satisfy her.


I've done my main things on Animal Crossing today, but I only got white turnips on the DS one. I still wish I had more fruit on the Wii one. Peaches and pears are getting annoying. I may go on later though.

I also finished the last Will And Grace so there's only one series left now. it's scary how fast I can go through it (although for some odd reason I started with 2 and not 1... cause I didn't intend on it becoming a run like it has).

My head hurts again, probably cause of her annoying me.

I started the fic last night, but only managed three paragraphs. I'm goonna finish the rest off today soon.

What's he thinking?

Dan Whitesides has mad dancing skills.

I have an image of Ilan with a drumstick in his hair now. Thanks for that.

I've gotta do something to do with Bullet soon. I get the urge. I also crave more Bullt porn, but that's nothing new.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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