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Like you never had wings

So the plans for today have fucked up a little. The other shelves were gonna be done, but that's now been put off till Monday. Gah.

I'm on AC. I started as Matt so now there's 3/4's of Bullet on there.

Last night I watched the last of the new Trek dvds (the finale two parter). I love alternate timelines/parallel universe. I wish i ahd more such episodes to watch. I know there's one from TNG I really wanna watch but I can't rememebr the name of it. I know it's got the guy that plays Frasier in though.

I'm gonna try and do a bukkake fic later. It will likely be The Blackout first. I will end up doing a Tokio Hotel, Madina Lake, FOB and a few other ones at some point (and a proper Bullet one). Also, you can jsut see the Bullet/Fightstar/The Blackout fic that'll happen after the gig. Which reminds me, I never did one based on the Kerrang tour with Jimmy and Oli... damnit.

Why isn't there a bigger Umbrella Academy preview yet? There usually is one by now. Am I just missing it?

What do Deathstars sound like? Anyone know?

Mikeysaur, are we still gonna try and rent Resident Evil 5 while I'm there?

I ahte my comp for fucking up last night again. Bah!

Again, meaningful things escape me.
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