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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nullification (emasculation and castration)
Notes: It was going to have the surgery in it, but I ended up not doing it. I blame blck_cherry for this idea.

I gazed at my older brother, who lay sprawled over my bed, devoid of even the slightest scrap of clothing. His skin was pale, like a ghostly shade of ivory. He didn't tan well, or at all for that matter, but I liked him like that. I thought he was beautiful, I had done for as long as I could remember. I had my first boner when I walked in on Gerard while he was in the shower. I had my first orgasm later that same day.

I looked over his body, examining him closely. His body lacked muscles, though he wasn't overly fat either. He did have traces of baby fat on his body, though I thought it was sexy. His nipples were peaked nubs, sticking straight out from his hairless chest. I let my gaze linger on him, watching as his chest rose and fell while he breathed. I smiled to myself, darting my gaze to each of his hairy armpits briefly, before looking down over his stomach towards his crotch.

His crotch was the most unique feature about him. It was completely bare, with only a small hole for him to piss through. I leaned down gently and planted a kiss on each of his thighs, smiling up at him. I had removed his masculinity myself, several years ago now. Whenever he went out he always had a something shoved in his underwear to simulate a bulge, to make it appear that he still had a manhood. I thought it was cute.


"It's for your own good Gerard!" I told my brother as I looked over him. He was thrashing against the bonds that held him, making it painfully clear that he didn't see it the way I did.

Sitting to one side of the bed was Bob Bryar, our new drummer. I'd asked him to help me, just in case Gerard got out of hand. He'd helped me to train him, although it honestly hadn't been difficult. My brother was all too happy to have me tie him down. However, my suggestion that I remove his genitals was not met by the same enthusiasm.

"You're talking bullshit Mikey!" He spat out, the anger and venom clear in his voice. "How is stealing my ability to cum a good thing?" I'd expected this reaction of course. I'd have been a fool to believe that he'd just lay there and give in to me.

"It is Gerard. You need to learn self control." I kept my voice calm as I spoke to him, wiping some of his saliva from my glasses. "You're not going to learn it since you get a hard-on over every guy you see." He opened his mouth to object, but I cut him off before he could utter a single word. "You only got hooked on drugs in the first place cause you were trying to get into Bert's pants." Now his mouth opened and closed, just like a goldfish's did. I could see he was searching for some way to deny my words, but his silence meant he couldn't think of a single thing.

"I know this may seem extreme, brother." I whispered soothingly as I sat on the bed next to him. I wanted him to understand my reasoning, then perhaps he'd agree to do it willingly, even though it seemed unlikely. I ran one hand over the smooth skin of his belly, the other caressing the long ebony locks of hair upon his head. "But I believe it's necessary." I paused for a moment, then kissed his cheek. "I will keep having sex with you, don't worry about that. Bob will too. Perhaps, eventually, the others too."

"But Mikey..."

"You'll still be able to orgasm." I cut in before he could finish whatever thought he may have had. "It'll just be dry ones." I leaned in close to him, close enough to whisper into the delicate shell of his ear. "I'll grant you one last wet one though."

I let him process the words for a few seconds, then began to kiss a path down his body. Every few seconds I'd move two inches lower, stopping once I arrived at his erect dick. The fact that he had a hard-on considering what I'd talked to him about was encouraging to me, as was his current lack of struggling. I kissed each of his thighs in turn, then turned my attention to his cock. It was quite a sight, slightly thicker then my own though it was an inch shorter. The tip was shiny with arousal and the entire think twitched noticeably. I opened my mouth and swallowed him halfway, allowing my tongue to dance over his skin. He tasted salty sweet, like he always was, and I made sure to savor the taste. I glanced up at his face, his head tipped back against the bed's pillow as he made sounds of pleasure.

He arched up from the bed, pushing his cock down the back of my throat. I stroked his thighs gently, moving my mouth along his shaft so I didn't gag. My thumbs rubbed the wrinkled skin of his sac gently in an attempt to draw the orgasm from him. My older brother was never known to last long when I was giving him head. His cock twitched against my tongue, the head dripping his salty juices down the back of my throat.

I heard a faint sound from the chair, glancing over at Bob. The large man had his cock out, his fist pumping the hardened flesh at a steady pace. He was naked from the waist up, his t-shirt discarded while I was giving Gerard head. Hopefully he would shoot before I needed him.

I returned my attention back to Gerard fully, squeezing my lips and grazing my teeth just the way I knew he liked it. I'd first sucked his cock when I was 16. I'd sneaked into his room while he slept, then pulled the bed covers off him and sucked him. Sure, he'd been shocked, but it was a welcome change for him. He'd later confided in me that was the first sexual experience he'd ever had with another person.

I hummed softly, knowing that the vibrations would make him spill. I watched his chest rise and fall rapidly as he approached the edge, his pretty hazel eyes lidding. I prepared myself, gripping his base loosely just before he came, moaning my name loudly when he did so. I dutifully swallowed every drop he ahd to give me, squeezing my lips gently until he softened fully in my mouth. Only when his dick had shrank fully did I pull back, smiling up at him. "Good boy."

He turned to face me, his eyes glazed with his lust, his hair clinging to his face due to the amount of sweat he produced. "That was... thank you Mikey." I kept my gaze on him as I sat up, awaiting a response to what I'd asked him earlier. He took several deep breaths to control himself, nervously gnawing on his lower lip. "Do you really believe that's the best thing for me?"

"Yes I do." I answered him honestly, studying him. He shifted a little, causing droplets of sweat to roll across his pale skin. He furrowed his brow in concentration, obviously giving my proposal serious consideration for the first time. I waited him out, listening to him breathe while he decided.

I darted my gaze to Bob, noting with a smile that he'd silently came at some point. The fluid clung to his rounded belly, glinting in the light. I considered leaving Gerard to lick it away, but Bob seemed content to just leave it them, sucking some of it from his fingers. I'd have to get to know him better then I did right now, but there'd be plenty of time for that over the coming tours. I had a feeling he would be making my ass very sore during that time.

"Ok." I turned my head to face Gerard, the word spoken so softly that I thought I'd been hearing things. "I trust your judgement Mikey. You've always known what's best for me, ever since we were kids. So yes, you can do it to me."

I beamed and kissed his cheek, stroking his up chest gently. "You're making the right choice Gerard." I shifted off the bed slowly, heading to collect the medical kit I had ready for this. I'd taken the basic case from a venue and ordered the more specialist equipment I'd require through the internet. "Do you want to be knocked out while I do it?"

"Please." He whispered softly as I set the case atop the bedside table, popping it open. The plastic green case opened up to reveal it's contents, but I kept it at an angle so Gerard couldn't see.

"Alright." I unscrewed a small bottle of chloroform, dabbing it on a piece of cloth. I could have used a needle to inject him with an anaesthetic, but I knew how much needles freaked him out. "Sweet dreams brother." I whispered softly, placing it over his nose and mouth, holding it there as he passed out on the bed. By the time he woke he would be mine forever.

I reached down between his legs and played with his wet cock, wanting it to be fully hard when I removed it. I was ready to wait as long as it would take for him to become aroused again. I dropped the cloth to the floor to dispose of later and smiled over at Bob. He'd fully shed his pants now, the material now pooled on the floor at his feet.

"He's almost ready now. You'd better get out the camera."


I eased my slim dick into Gerard's asshole, my hands roaming over his beautiful body. His skin was marred where my nails had scratched him, but otherwise his skin was unblemished. I planted soft, gentle kisses along his collarbone, occasionally nipping at the skin. "Do you love me Gerard?"

"I love you Mikey. My Mikey." He whispered between moans, the chain collar around his neck glinting in the dim candlelight.

I glanced at the walls, which had enlarged photos Bob had taken of him that fateful night. They were all quite beautiful in their own way. Bob was certainly great with a camera. The two above the bed were of Gerard when he was first castrated and then emasculated fully. They were perhaps the best of all of them. Maybe it was the lighting, or maybe it was the way blood coated his milky skin. Surprisingly the pictures hadn't freaked Gerard out when he first saw them. In fact, he was quite curious about them and it had been his idea to put them around the room.

He hooked his legs over my shoulders, allowing me to screw him even harder. "That's a good boy." I ran my tongue over his skin gently, tasting the droplets of sweat that rolled down his body. "My beautiful boy." I snapped my sharp hips against his ass, shifting back to slam right back inside him. I alternated my thrusts betwen fast and slow, soft and hard. I preferred it that was, since I was mostly unable to keep any form of steady pace when I fucked someone. I never understood how people could really.

I buried my face in Gerard's armpit, licking at the hairy skin while listening to the beautiful sounds he made. I wasn't one for making noise unless I spoke, but he made enough noise for both of us. I angled my dick for his spot, slamming right into it with practised ease. I'd had sex with him many times, more then I could count. It was probably in the realm of the higher three digits now, if not four.

I shifted to kiss my brother as his ass clenched around me, drawing my orgasm from my body. He had become even more talented at using his ass to please me since he lost his male parts. With a soft sound I released within him, the spray landing against his squeezing walls. I was unsure if he had came, though it was hard to tell anymore with his lack of dick. As I slipped out of him I became sure he had and I kissed his cheek. "You were wonderful as always."

"So are you." He smiled and captured his lips with my own, his tongue wiggling into my mouth. As I lay on the bed beside him I kept our mouths locked together, our tongues twisting around one another. It wasn't a fight for dominance, it was more of a gentle sort of dance. We were both eager to taste on another, to explore the familiar territory and show our affection for one another. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, content to just lay there and kiss him.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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