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Do they still say 'to death do us part' if the bride is a vampire?

I'm annoyed that the Apocalyptica thing in Metal Hammer's only a page long and with only one pic. I've not read yet, but the pic's fairly hot. Eicca looks strange though. Maybe it wasn't worth getting so much.

I watched Skins last night. I wanna smack poor Freddie's family. And Cook. He's such a fucking ass. He's one of those characters that's put in just to be despised. I wanna cuddle JJ. Still, Freddie got topless, which was hot.

After that I finished Will And Grace and watched some of one of the new Trek dvd.

And I finally got rid of the peaches on Animal Crossing.

My uncle's taking mum to Cannock, which is very suspicious to us. He wants something I'm sure of it.

I've gotta take Danny out cause he's coming. Then I'll clear off the last of the bed. We might be off to see nan once she's back too.

The village I live in is on wikipedia. That's kinda cool and strange. It's been around since the 17th century.

Huzzah for the fucking insane Rev Phelps being banned from the country. Why haven't the American states done that?

Strange people are strange.

I really want one of those Rabbids from Game (either the screaming one of the smiling one). Maybe I'll get one.

Mikeysaur's got tickets to the Cancer Trust gig (with Bullet, Fightstar and The Blackout). The problem is that cause it's so close I've pretty mmuch got the choice between going to that, or going for the anniversary. Which just makes me feel so... I dunno. I could manage both, but only just about and it's a too close margin for my tastes and I don't wanna have to fucking beg for money for the gig.
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