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You will see other places

I've just got back and I'm pretty tired.

Today was good in most ways. I got three Trek dvds from The Works. I got a new Doctor micro fig. I got a new binder with skulls on. I would've got card wallets and a pack of Knights Of The Old Republic minis, but when I went back to get them the shop had shut. So I'm getting them next week when I get UA.

We had dinner in Pizza Hut. It was nice.

I has Pepsi and doritos so I'm happy.

I got NME (cause it has Gerard on it... I'm fickle I know, cause I hate that magazine mostly) and also Metal Hammer (I wasn't gonna, but then I saw that Apocalyptica are in it and I just had to get it).

Mum's got a nunchuk, so I can get her on the Wii on Lego Star Wars.

I'm near the end of Outbound Flight, so I'll spend a day sitting in bed and reading it till the end.

After The Simpsons I've gotta go on Animal Crossing real quick to check in the shops and shake trees. I can't be arsed selling fruit today. I'm also gonna call Mikeysaur.

End post.

Edit: There's Rabbid figures in Game. I totally want a better look at em.

Edit 2: I might be going to a Cancer Trust gig, cause it'll be awesome.

I'm thinking of going to Uni or college this year. I dunno what I'd do yet.
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