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At the bottom of the sea

We're heading out to Walsall today. Mostly cause mum wants to get inks from Argos, but she's decided I must go too. I don't mind. It means I can check for Death Note myself, look round and maybe get minis/cheap Star Trek dvds (if The Works has em). That and I get free food. I'm sure she also wants me for my opnion on wallpaper.

I watched most've the Brits last night. It was pretty eh, though Kylie had nice dresses. I like the voice of The Killers guy for some reason.

I also watched an old Doctor episode, The Ark In Space. It was pretty good I thought.

Before we go I've gotta go on Animal Crossing on the Wii and (I changed my mind just after saying that) put up a couple more posters. I'm sure Kerrang did an A4 one of the Leone twins but I can't see where I put it. I need single A4 ones for the shelves. I think I'll have to move some around.

Whne I'm back I'll... probably be too tired for anything much. I may write a bukkake fic if I get in the mood. If not, I'll do pretty much nothing till Skins. I'll probably watch the last Will And Grace disc of the series I'm on tonight too.

Now mum's saying there might be no change for the bus. You know, she shoulda checked that beforehand, Like last night, instead of rushing it now. If we don't go I'll edit it into this post.

Regardless, I'm watching a Bullet interview once she's gone to take Danny.

Edit: Got change, so we'll be going once she's back.
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