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Studio Time

Studio Time
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Eicca Toppinen
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Prompt: Fisting
Warnings: Fisting, obviously
Notes: Set when they were working on Bullet's first album.

I watched him as he played with interest. I'd never seen anyone play like him before. He certainly had some skill, more so then I had perhaps. While it was pretty easy to rock out with a guitar or bass, it was much harder to do the same with a cello. He made it seem so easy.

I stepped into the studio once he finished, waiting for everyone else to start leaving before speaking. "You were really great."

"Thanks." He replied in his deep accented voice as he glanced over at me, closing the case where he'd placed his cello.

I bit my lower lip, unsure of what else I could say to him. We'd been hanging out around the studio for a few days now and, while he was friendly, he didn't always grasp what we were trying to say. This was mostly because English wasn't his native language, but it wasn't helped by our accent. While they could understand me perfectly fine, I sometimes had to repeat what the others said. Especially when Padge spoke.

My loss for words now wasn't due to that though, it was because of the thoughts that came to my mind whenever I was around him. Thoughts of him fucking me so hard I wouldn't be able to sit for days. I cursed myself as just thinking about it made my jeans tighten. "Is something wrong?" He asked after propping his cello case against the wall beside the door. Apparently I'd made some form of noise during my musing, though I wasn't aware of it. He strode across the space that seperated us, stopping once he was in front of me. He looked me from head to toe, as if trying to work out the source of my discomfort. "I think you need to..." He paused for a moment, clearly searching for the right term to use. "Get off? Is that it?"

I bit my lip and nod, feeling his hand stroke my thigh, his fingers dangerously close to my bulge. He smiled, his fingertips playing with my zipper. He gazed into my eyes as he took the zipper between his fingers, slowly pulling it down. He opened up my fly, popping open the top button with his thumb. He stilled his movements for a few seconds, presumably to give me that time to push him away or tell him to stop. When I instead thrust my hips forward, he took the hint and chuckled as he pushed my jeans down. Gravity took over once they reached my knees and they fell to the floor without a sound. I stepped out of them, nudging them aside.

His hands cupped my boxer-clad crotch, squeezing the bulge made by my cock. I moaned softly, watching as he smirked at me. He gave me a few seconds before he tugged my underwear down. Now that I was essentially naked from the waist down, he took a step back to examine me. Like before, he looked me up and down, though this time he lingered more on my lower half. He reached up and gripped the base of my t-shirt, tugging it up. As he did so, I raised my arms high above me to help him rid me of the offending material. He dropped it to the floor once he removed it from me, then began stroking my upper body.

I purred softly at gentle touch, his fingertips surprisingly cool against my heated skin. He leaned in close to me, brushing his lips aginst mine. The kiss was all too brief however, as he shifted back once again. This time I watched as he shed his clothing. I leaned back against the wall, watching him as he removed his t-shirt first. He was slightly bigger then I was and it was obvious that he could do whatever he wanted to me. He undid his fly, looking me right in the eyes while he did so. I couldn't help but look away, glancing at his cock as it was revealed to me. It was larger then mine, both in length and girth, and it twitched with arousal, the tip shiny. He was obviously as excited as I was.

Once he was as naked as I was, he pushed me against the wall, his strong body pressing against my own. Our dicks rubbed against one another, lightly. I moaned softly, his hands caressing the sides of my body gently, while my own reached around him to stroke his ass. "Do you have anything to use as..."

"Lube?" I whispered, assuming that was the word he'd be searching for. I bit my lower lip as he nodded, quickly thinking of where it could be. Or something like it at least. "There's a tube in my bag I think." I nodded to where it sat beside the door, the zipper left carelessly half open. He shifted from before me, crossing the room to my bag. He knealt on the floor, undoing the zipper all the way and feeling through my stuff. Twice he stopped and lifted an item out of the bag, turning to me and raising an eyebrow before putting it back. The first was a purple buttplug, while the other was a pair of black lacy panties.

Eventually he came back to me with the tube, smiling to himself. He made a circular motion with his middle finger, which I took as a sign for me to turn around which I gladly did. I wiggled my ass slightly for him, bracing myself with both hands against the wall. Hands prised my arse cheeks apart, exposing my twitching pucker and making me shiver slightly. I heard him squirt the lube over his fingers, then felt the tips press against my opening. The two middle fingers circled against me, making me body relax for their entrance.

After a few seconds he eased the pair of fingers inside me, making me release a moan and causing my slim body to arch. I heard him faintly chuckle as he buried his fingers fully inside my passage, curving them upward slightly to press against my walls. I rested my head agaisnt the wall, rocking my ass back against his wiggling fingers. He twisted them deeper inside me serveral times before sliding them out so only the tips remained. I let out out a small whimper at the removal, moaning loudly when he slammed them back with his ring finger pressed alongside them. His fingers wiggled again, working me open for his dick. I was sure I was already ready enough for him, though he just kept working me open with his thick digits.

He retreated his fingers slightly, squirting more lube on them before thrusting them back within me. Sweat dripped down my bare body, my eyes lidding slightly in pleasure. If he kept this up, I'd probably cum before he rammed into me, especially when the pads of his fingers occasionally brushed my spot. When he removed his fingers again I let out a soft sigh, hoping that this meant I was now ready enough for him to fuck me. I heard him squirt some more lube and I assumed he was working the slick fluid on his dick. A few moments later I realised my assumption was wrong.

Instead of his cock, I felt his fingers again. He pushed the three fingers back inside of me, only this time he didn't stop there. He worked in both his little finger and thumb into my body, causing me to release a sound that was something between a sigh and a yelp. He stilled for a moment, leaning close to kiss at the back of my neck. Once he was satisfied I was relaxed, he resumed pushing, not stopping until he was wrist deep inside me.

My eyes squeezed shut as I let out a louder moan then before, his wrist doing small circles inside me as his fingers twitched. I'd never had a whole hand within me before and it felt so fucking strange. Every moment he made sent waves of pleasure through my body. I jerked my hips forward harshly, making incoherent whimpering sounds. he brushed my long hair away from my neck and shoulder, kissing along the pale skin while he left his hand in place. He didn't have to more it much to make me react, my body squirming wildly.

"Do you like that?" He whispered against my skin. I managed to nod a few times, though couldn't voice anything. Again he chuckled, dragging his teeth along the back of my neck. His fingers occasionally moved more, though mostly just remained still. I knew I'd have to do this with one of the guys when he was gone. I wasn't sure which one I'd ask first, though I'd probably ask them all eventually.

All too soon Eicca retreated his hand, leaving my hole gaping and open. He kissed my shoulder, wiping his hand against my stomach as he lined himself up with my hole. He thrust into me easily, letting out a deep groan as he began fucking me hard. I only lasted a handful of his slams into me before shooting over the wall.

He kept thrusting into me, his balls slapping agaisnt my arse as my body slumped against the wall. His cock sllammed against my spot while my insides twitched around him. If his fist hadn't loosened then I'd be milking him. He held onto him, mumbling something in Finnish which I didn't understand. I turned my head to try and face him, though I couldn't manage to turn all the way. It was enough for him to capture my lips with his own. His tongue pushed it's way into my mouth, lapping at my own. I tried to work out what he tasted like, though couldn't quite pick up on it.

My soft dick twitched against my hip each time his body connected with mine. His lips left my own as his thrusts became rougher. He let out low moans, his balls slapping against my cheeks each time he rammed into me. He dug his teeth into the side of my neck, hard enough to leave a mark. It made me glad that I had long hair to hide it from the prying eyes of the others.

He mumbled against me in his native tongue, obviously unable to concentrate enough to work out the English. He thrust into me harder then before, and cried out loudly. I felt his body jerk against me as he came, the hot fluid splattering over my insides.

He panted hotly over the curve of my neck, his body resting against mine as he pulled out. It was a few moments before he finally managed to find his voice again. "So good Matt." He whispered against my ear, his deep voice clearly breathless. We stayed like that for awhile, at least a few minutes, before he finally shifted off me with another kiss to my necck. "I'll see you tomorrow Matt."

I nodded, slumping slightly against the wall, watching as he quickly dressed and left me there. Once he was gone I moved from the wall, looking around the room for my own clothing. I glanced up at the glass that seperated the performance area with the studio equipment, having a sinking feeling that someone had been watching us, despite there being no evidence that there had been. Shaking such thoughts from my head, I pulled up my jeans, knowing the others would be wondering where I was.
Tags: apocalyptica, bullet for my valentine, eicca toppinen, eicca toppinen/matt tuck, fic, matt tuck, slash
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