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He's pretending to be normal

So yesterday was pretty sucky. Sure, the shelves got sorted but mum just wants to bitch about every single thing. So I said I'd be upstairs sorting my stuff all day and we both agreed, but then she moans at me for not helping her downstairs. She just pisses me off so much.

Cause there's other shelves going up, the minis are gonna go there.

I'm annoyed that I don't have paypal. I'm two dvds short of TNG's first season, but the cheapest listing's are paypal only. It pisses me off.

I saw a Watchmen ad on tv, but I only realised half-way through. Cause I'd only just woke up. I dunno if I'll get Umbrella Academy next week or wait for when I see Watchmen (though I have pondered seeing Watchmen the same day I go to Mikey's).

I'm gonna finally read some of the fic I have open. It's annoying me I haven't had time to go through em.

Later I'll also finish that Matt/Eicca fic. Or try. Once it's done I'll do some standalone cause I feel like it.

I keep thinking about doing a Skins fic, but I'll wait till the next ep cause it'd be Freddie focussed and the next ep's his.

I should probably do this in a poll but... Bukkake fic, should it be:
*Madina Lake
*30 Seconds To Mars
*The Blackout
*Fall out Boy
*Tokio Hotel

Put it in comments please.

In about an hour someone's going to cut Danny's hair. She's nice.

I'll go on Animal Crossing beforehand.

I just know I was gonna say something else, something important, but I've lost it. I hate when that happens.

Edit: Cause I'm seeing Watchmen with Mikeysaur, I'm definitely getting Umbrella Academy on release day (though I'm unsure if it'll be from Birmingham or Wolverhampton).
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