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Harpoon you in the eye

So I lost the e-bay auctions I bid on. The main one got too much and the other two (I added another) I got outbid at he last second. Arses.

I downloaded the Deftones albums last night (cause of the one from the Underworld soundtrack being stuck in my head) so I randomly listen to the ones I know. Like this one. Although it makes me wanna watch Queen of The Damned again.

I'm gonna go to Argos tomorrow and ask for a view on the Clone Wars figs. If there's Ventress I'll get her (cause she's awesome) if not, I won't get anything.

I've been contintuing the Will And Grace run. I'll do more to it afetr the repeat of Being Human.

The rumours for the next series of Torchwood amuse me cause some are just... crazy.

I've gotta watch Horizon this week, cause it has the pretty physicist in it.

That's it really.
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